Rowing is a form of exercise every single one of us should be considering in our fitness routine. For starters, it’s a low-impact calorie burner, meaning you won’t be pounding your joints in a bid to raise your heart rate. Secondly, it is great movement prep for many power weightlifting exercises such as cleans and snatches, as it uses triple extension mechanisms. Lastly, although I’m sure the list goes on, it works the entire body targeting 86% of your muscles simultaneously. Ultimately, it’s one of the most efficient ways to exercise by fusing cardio and strength training. The fitness industry has some exciting new launches within the rowing category, so, if you’re not already a keen rower, this is your sign to give it a go…your joints will thank you later!

Digital fitness app, FIIT has introduced ‘Row’ to their roster of online classes! After experiencing booming success during the countless lockdowns (for obvious reasons), the platform has proven its worth both at home and in the gym post-pandemic, utilising the vast equipment on the gym floor to intensify their on-demand classes, group workouts and training plans. Row classes range from 10 to 40 minutes so you can make it work, whatever time you have. The shorter classes are also great to add on as a cardio finisher. The longer sessions combine rowing intervals with metabolic conditioning exercises for the ultimate full-body burn. Tried and tested by the H&H Team, we can’t recommend the FIIT app enough, especially the new row classes. Inspiring you with new ways to workout, introducing education on training energy systems and holding you accountable by providing next-level motivation, FIIT is like a mini PT in your pocket that will fit in perfectly with your routine.

Peloton Row
Fitness tech giant, Peloton has recently announced the launch of Peloton Row in the US. Much like the experience Peloton users will be familiar with on the Bike and Tread, there is a variety of exciting classes for all levels, including HIIT, endurance, intervals, and Row Bootcamp. The exclusive features, Form Assist and Form Rating, give you real-time corrections to help you improve and strengthen your stroke. Flawlessly designed, the rower is as comfortable as it is functional, with minimal sound created, a rubber grip, an ergonomic seat and it can be compactly stowed against your wall for easy storage. The arrival of the Peloton rower in the UK is yet to be confirmed but fingers crossed, it will make its way across the water soon!

ROWBOTS, the boutique studio that harnesses the incredible benefits of rowing in their classes, has announced a merger with Rowcave, the immersive rowing studio. Establishing themselves as an industry leader in the immersive fitness technology sector, Rowcave is a performance-enhancing virtual rowing experience which simulates real-world conditions to improve the training and development of rowing teams. The impressive wrap-around visuals will blow your mind, using advanced rowing machines combined with the latest in extended reality technologies to allow athletes to race in incredible locations around the world. The Rowcave set-up can be implemented into various spaces, including gyms, training centres, sports studios and even private homes, creating a dynamic real sensation of rowing on the water, all within a controllable indoor environment.