Staying healthy on the road is not always easy to do. Follow these tips on what to pack to keep those extra pounds that return with you, restricted to your suitcase.

Travel light and you won’t have to go through customs. This bag from Hush is both stylish and practical and can double up as a gym bag for when you get back. Overnight Bag, £85, www.hush-uk.com

Packing your trainers may be the smartest thing you do for a trip in NY. Not only can you run around Central Park but hotels, such as The Westin, organise running tours – a great way to see the city. Nike Free Run+ Trainers, £90,www.store.nike.com/gb/en_gb

You might not want to take the weather with you but taking a bit of the Brit can never be a bad thing. This top by Stella McCartney is stylish and practical. Olympic fever has already started and we like it. Team GB Stella Vest, £25,www.shop.london2012.com

The Nike+ Running SportBand and Chip is a great way to track your runs. So wherever you are, you will always know how long your runs are, how many calories you’ve burned, what speed you were going and how far you have gone. Nike+ Running SportBand and chip, £42,www.store.nike.com/gb/en_gb