Personal Training isn’t always a first choice for people wanting to stay fit and healthy. It’s quite a big investment and with so many great classes at our finger tips, it’s often easier to go class hopping, especially if you like variety. However, one thing going for personal training is the one-on-one time and the goal-driven approach to exercise. That one hour is focused on you and each session is really tailored to your individual needs. What has held (high-quality) PT back in the past, is expensive gym memberships added on to the cost of your private sessions. Thankfully, WE11, a unique fitness space in Fitzvoria, is bringing the focus back to personal training. Minus the expensive gym memberships.

Unlike ordinary gyms, WE11 has been created to support the growth of freelance fitness and wellness professionals by providing an affordable, flexible and luxurious fitness studio. Clients benefit from this as they are not tied into a monthly contract fee to a gym to access a personal trainer. They can simply book with their preferred trainer whenever they please with no hidden fees or fixed costs. WE11 understand that in today’s busy climate, people have changeable schedules where one week you may want four sessions and the next week you’re sunning yourself in Ibiza!

WE11’s instaworthy interiors have been designed by Bergman Interiors who are the masterminds behind BXR and The Engine Room. Kitted out with natural ribbed timber panels and trendy terrazzo tiles, it has a modern luxury boutique feel.

WE11 is split between two studios, one focusing on strength training and the other on functional skills. Only people undergoing PT sessions will have access to the studios so you don’t need to worry about machine hogging or overcrowding. With many finding the weights section of the gym daunting and quite male-dominant, it’s easy to fall into a habit of immediately being pulled to the cardio area. WE11 is the ideal place for anybody that wants to learn the ropes of weight lifting in a safe environment with the guidance of a personal trainer to show you the correct form and technique. Whether you’re experienced or a beginner, the expert trainers will be able to mentor you through a series of exercises to help you meet your tailored fitness goals. Getting to know your PT is essential in building your personal programme and WE11 are strong believers in this. Before you start, you can go through everything over a coffee in the WE11 lounge so your trainer knows exactly what you would like to get out of the sessions. 

Open to anyone, the WE11 lounge doubles as a protein powered snack bar and a coworking space. From protein shakes, wraps, energy balls and acai bowls, the lounge is ideal for refuelling while catching up on your emails.

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WE11, a unique fitness space in Fitzvoria, is bringing the focus back to personal training. Minus the expensive gym memberships.