Venetia Falconer is declaring war on fast fashion and inspiring people to make sustainable changes to their lifestyle. And we love her for that. Her aim is to encourage people to look at the world differently, offering help and advice to those who want to rethink the way they eat and shop to stop climate change. You can feel her passion and her enthusiasm for sustainability through her instagram, podcast and YouTube vlogs and it’s extremely catching. We stole 5 minutes of her time where she shared her health habits.


My non-negotiable health habit

“Daily meditation for 20 minutes as soon as I wake up. My practice is Vedic and I learnt with the London Meditation Centre. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.”


My favourite way to keep fit

“I like mixing it up! Walking, running, yoga. I also love pilates with Lottie Murphy and TRX with Niko Algieri.


My de-stress tool

“Definitely cooking while listening to a good podcast. My go-to has always been and will forever be The High Low. ”


My favourite recipe to cook right now

“Anything from my boyfriend Max La Manna’s forthcoming book, More Plants Less Waste. I thought I was the pancake champion until I met him… but now I have his recipe, so the war is back ON! ”


My motivation to live more sustainably

“Really to value what we have and to get back to the root of everything. Slow fashion is the focus of my activism right now and I recently coined the following quote for an article that I wrote which I quite like: ‘Wear clothes, don’t buy too many, make them last.’ It’s inspired by Michael Pollan’s ‘Eat food, not too much, mostly plants’, which also fits with this question nicely! ”


My evening ritual

“I turn my phone off every weekend as part of an initiative that Max and I started called #Offline48 (@48hourchallenge on IG). To maintain the healthy habit during the week, I turn my phone off an hour before bed and it never sleeps with me in the bedroom.


My biggest life lesson

“That sometimes, things won’t work out exactly how you want them to, they’ll work out even better.


My next goal I want to achieve

I’m pretty happy with where I am right now! But I’m really looking forward to re-launching my podcast Talking Tastebuds next month!

You can see more from Venetia on her podcastyoutube channel and Instagram.