Gyms are finally open but if you’re itching to get back to your favourite boutique fitness class then you’ll sadly have to wait a little longer! As it stands, group classes indoors are still forbidden under current guidelines but many of our favourite fitness hotspots in London have made several changes to their operations to offer outdoor alternatives to their most-loved classes, virtual group classes and one-to-ones. Here’s the lowdown on how to get your boutique fitness fix asap.

We’re super excited to announce that H&H fave, Soulcycle has launched SoulCycle Outside, taking place at Selfridges London. The bikes are set up in Edwards Mews, tucked round the back on Selfridges and the timetable is already choc-a-bloc! Definitely book in advance if you want to secure a spot on a bike!

Core Collective:
Core Collective is launching their Open Gym concept on 12th April from 7am until 2pm each day at the St John’s Wood and Kensington sites, where you can book in a private 60-minute slot for Erg, Cycle and Strength. Guests can complete their workouts at their own pace in-studio and the CC team will be writing up new workouts each day to push you to your limits. A trainer will also be in each location to assist with questions and keep you motivated throughout. 

Barry’s are back with their open gym concept where guests can book 75-minute slots to complete a Barry’s class using a pre-recorded audio workout. Sticking with their signature style, the classes will follow the Tread + Floor or Double Floor protocol in the Red Room, simply scan the QR code upon arrival to access the workout.

BXR Parks:
Taking their workouts to the park, BXR have a line up of their signature classes on offer alfresco style! Located in Paddington Park, the workouts include boxing skills, cardio conditioning & core, sweatbox and much more.

1Rebel has two options to get you back into the swing of things, their Rebel Outdoors sessions and their audio sessions! Rebel Outdoors classes are taking place in Victoria, on the rooftop of Cardinal Place and Shoreditch Park. The audio sessions allow you to visit the 1Rebel studio to do their Reshape, Ride and Rumble, as an audio workout or come and use the equipment for your own sessions.

Third Space:
Third Space has a line up of outdoor sessions at both Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf, offering their Yard WOD class all throughout the day. Third Space has also opened indoor ‘Own Workout’ 45 min gym slots at all six of their locations across London.

F45 Track:
F45 Track takes place in local parks near the studios, there are tons of studios offering F45 Track across the UK so be sure to check with your local studio. The class is a hybrid style bootcamp, make sure you bring a sweat towel!

The UN1T studio is taking bookings for Strength & Conditioning sessions in small groups outdoors! Taking place at Marlborough Sports Garden, UN1T have brought all their hardcore equipment outside, so you can expect heavy lifting!

Move Your Frame:
Frame are offering 1-2-1 Reformer sessions at any of our London studios (excluding Hammersmith). Your first session is free and after that, they are £70 per session or you can save some £ by purchasing a bundle.

words by Isabelle Shury

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