Assistant Editor at SurfGirl magazine, Vitamin Sea Collective Content Creator, British surfer, foodie, presenter and writer, Corinne’s passion for the ocean, wellbeing and surfing runs through all aspects of her life. Since its launch in October 2020, Vitamin Sea Collective has been providing a plethora of surf, health, wellbeing, yoga, mental health and fitness videos and articles to a global audience of women. This April Corinne and the all-female team are thrilled to be bringing Waves & Workout to the table, a month of surf and fitness-focused content to get women ready for surfing this summer. As well as this, Vitamin Sea Collective are proud to be at the forefront of promoting women’s empowerment and promoting surfing as a positive outdoors lifestyle. Below Corrine takes us through her wellness rituals and as you can imagine, the ocean features quite heavily!

My morning ritual
I like to wake up naturally, which ranges from 6-7 am most mornings with a toddler in the house. I grab a glass of water and a coffee. I like to eat a later breakfast, so I usually have this just before starting work. Eggs are my favourite way to start the day. 

One thing that makes you feel positive at the moment
The change in the seasons. I am such an outdoorsy person, and winter takes its toll on me. The spring air, the flowers blooming, and the ocean warming up brings me so much joy. Also, outdoor dining is one of my favourite waves to enjoy a meal, and this warmer weather means more outdoor cooking and beach breakfasts. 

My non-negotiable wellness habit
Drink water. I have always been someone that needs to carry a water bottle with me wherever I go. If I feel tired or run down, I drink a big glass of water, and instantly my mood is lifted. 

The ocean makes me feel
Alive. The ocean has shaped my life most wonderfully. It helps me bring life into perspective. 

My favourite surfing moment
I think it was surfing while pregnant with my son. It’s a moment I will cherish forever. Feeling him move around while I sat on my board, waiting for the waves to roll in, then sharing the waves. It was a beautiful moment. 

My newest Instagram follow
It’s a random one, but I have recently acquired an allotment, so I have been following a bunch of allotment groups, one being @newquay_orchard

The meal I’m cooking most right now
I cannot stop cooking Spaghetti all puttanesca it’s all I want to eat at the moment. 

My de-stress tool
Surfing or failing that a walk along the clifftop, the sea air cures all. 

Three reasons everyone should get on a surfboard 
It’s great for your fitness. Your mind will thank you for it. It gets you out in the elements. 

My bucket-list travel destinations
I would love to go to New Zealand and Italy. The waves (yes, you can surf in Italy), the food and the cultures captivate me.

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