As proud, new stockists of herbal tea brand, Little Wildling Co. we sat down with founder lee Sutherland! With a background in Natural Health Science, a passion for herbal medicine and a slight obsession with tea… Lee saw this as the perfect platform to combine all her loves together to create something a little different from the other herbal teas out there.


Congratulations! We hear you’ve just bought a new baby into the world! What food and herbs did you find useful throughout your pregnancy to relieve any aches, pains or illness?
Thank you! You know what? I felt so good this pregnancy and life went on as normal which was the complete opposite to how I was with my first, and thank god for that!! I don’t know how I would have survived being sick again 24/7 with a toddler and running my two businesses Little Wildling Co and Fitness In The City.

I continued to take my probiotic daily, plus a green powder blend full of things like spirulina and then added in a pregnancy multi-vitamin. I then tried to get a few osteo sessions in for realignment and even managed a massage or two which was nice!!



Little Wildling Co’s motto is “for the wild ones” can you elaborate on what that means for you and your brand?
When I created the brand I had a very clear vision of what I wanted and who our customer was. In a way it was everything I was looking for and couldn’t find, something that looked a certain way but still ticked all of the boxes in terms of expertly blended and of course still had to taste amazing! The Wild Ones live a certain way, a little bit freer, a little bit more inspired, creative… our tag line is “Little Wildling Co… for the rule breakers, the inspired, the dreamers, tea lovers, the wild ones.” We all have a bit of that inside right?!

Little Wildlings Co.

How is Little Wildling Co different from other organic teas available?
I think how we present the branding for one thing. There are so many (still divine) brown paper bag hippie types of tea, or ugly packaging cheap sourced tea or ones that have a snobby upper class feel so this is our first point of difference.

Another is how we formulate each blend, for instance I Need A Moment is what I call Valium in a teapot. It just relaxes you in a major way – perfect for those super stressful days or issues with sleep, but it still really considers flavour. Same with our Rehab (blend & detox) blend. Typically teas of these sorts tastes like dirt BUT ours has an after taste of peppermint (also great for digestion) so it’s still delish!


You have certificates in herbalism, nutrition and personal training – all relating to the field of health, which speaks wonders for Little Wildling Co. What have been your career highlights?
I’ve been seriously spoilt with amazing opportunities for both companies and met even more amazing people along the way. This means attending numerous media and influencer events each week for coverage on Fitness In The City website, training and consulting clients, blending private label blends for some great companies, appearing on TV shows like Fashion Bloggers (E!) but I have to say, I LOVE getting feedback emails from customers who tell me our Dirty Dandy Chai (dandelion based chai with hints of cacoa) is the best they’ve ever had, or the I Am A Goddess has really helped with their skin – that is pretty amazing.


What are your two essential herbs for wellbeing?
Oh that is a tough one!! At the moment I’m back in love with Olive Leaf Extract, just 5mls a day to help boost immune system and as its full of antioxidants it’s also beneficial for skin and heart health too. I also adore licorice root as it works for so many systems – immune, respiratory etc plus it gives everything a slight sweet flavor – yum!

You can now shop Little Wildling Co. Tea Blends online here!