Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity – a day dedicated to wellbeing, self-love and optimum health – brought to you by Hay House Ignite!

Hosting a number of motivational speakers, expect to be inspired from this tribe of like-minded people, uniting together to share and present their individual journeys and life changing advice.

Guests will include some amazing authors presenting throughout the day; absolute must see – Kris Carr, the New York Times best seller and creator of the Crazy, Sexy wellness revolution. Further guests will include Sandy Newbigging, Julie Montagu, Charlie Morely, Gale Darling, Lucy Sheridan, Jo Westwood and Rebecca Campbell.

The event will celebrate Kris Carr’s first ever UK appearance; she will reflect on her motivational books and share her transformative journey. Kris was told she had incurable cancer, but her dedication to holistic recovery through self-healing, nourishment and wellness mean she now lives a fulfilling, healthy life. Come along to hear some of her secrets for achieving a balanced and inspired life.

All speakers featured are a true reflection of the wellness revolution, and the best in their fields. The event will celebrate the importance of nourishing yourself, tuning into your own intuition and listening to your body. Speakers will focus on the benefits of meditation, handling the pressures of daily life and will give their top tips on how to cultivate all-important self-love. We hope to see you there!

Date: 12th of March, 2016

Location: The Light Friends House, London

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