We’re always in awe of our girl crush of the moment, Natasha Oakley, for her amazingly balanced approach to healthy living and keeping active. There’s no fad dieting or excessive workouts, she truly celebrates her body and it’s own unique and beautiful shape and we love her for that. It’s really inspiring to see someone living life to the max, enjoying food and just generally living a healthy and most importantly happy lifestyle.

It’s fair to say her and her beau, Gilles Souteyrand are major couples goals! (if you don’t follow them both on instagram then get to it!) Not only are they mesmerisingly beautiful but they love working out together! Come rain or shine, on holiday or at home, they’re always fitting in a sweaty workout! Ever wondered what their routine is or what exercises they do to stay in shape? Then you’re going to love what we’re about to tell you!

Gilles, a renowned model, personal trainer and lifestyle coach has excitingly launched his very own fitness programmes, Body by Gilles, consisting of “His” Body by Gilles and “Her” Body by Gilles. It won’t come as a surprise that the female programme was inspired by Tash herself and the workouts and moves she loves doing in her own routines.

This 12 week programme is brilliantly designed to transform your body, whilst celebrating and championing the female body and all it’s beautiful curves. This is not a programme that aims to break you until you’re on your knees, it solely focuses on helping you achieve your fitness goals and making you feel your absolute best and that is a programme we can get on board with! That’s not to say it isn’t challenging (our class with Gilles at Method Movement proved that!) but it’s full of fun and different exercises that really target all the right muscles whilst remaining sustainable and actually do-able! The beauty of Gilles’ programmes is you can pretty much do them anywhere! He and Tash travel a lot for work so the programmes had to be designed to fit around their lifestyle.

The good news is you can experience first hand, the Body by Gilles workout at Method Movement with Gilles himself. His energetic and motivating teaching style really does inspire you to push and challenge yourself further! He says,

“I am so proud of what it is becoming and there is more to come. Being part of Method Movement was also a fantastic opportunity for me, to be able to express myself in my classes and to really connect with my clients. They have trusted me and I am really grateful.”


Download the guides at bodybygilles.com

words by Molly Jennings