We talk beauty, suncare and skin nutrition with one of London’s hottest facialists and Skinesis Clinic founder, Sarah Chapman…

I have always been interested in beauty, ever since I was younger when I used to get into trouble for wearing too much make-up in school and dyeing strands of my hair purple! I discovered that you could train as a make-up artist and did that as soon as I left and then branched into skincare becoming completely obsessed with facials and facial skincare. I am also fascinated by the body and enjoyed studying nutrition and anatomy and physiology.

Every Skinesis facial is designed to treat the client’s needs and concerns when they visit so no treatment is the same. Someone in their 20’s will not need the same type of treatment as someone in their 40’s. In your 20’s the focus can be more on ageing prevention and rehydrating and clearing the skin to improve its function and appearance where as someone in their 40’s may want a treatment which is more focused on anti-ageing with an emphasis on firming, plumping, lifting and line smoothing.

I believe in drip feeding your skin with essential fatty oils and vitamins both topically an internally. Essential fats and omega oils help our skin to lock onto moisture and vitamins have an anti-oxidant effect, for example a dehydrated person is more likely to have skin which is flushed, inflamed and sensitive but can counter act this through taking omega supplements, eating more oily fish, drinking more water and avoiding foods and drinks that are high in alcohol, sugar and caffeine which are all dehydrating. Sugar is the underlying cause of glycation which leads to slackening in the skin. An unbalanced diet can cause unbalance in the skin. Try: Omega 7 Plus Age Defying Skin Complex £24.50 from www.victoriahealth.com

There are increasing advancements in anti-ageing at the moment – one of the latest trends is stem cells. Botanical stem cells are truly revolutionary ingredients which is being added into advanced anti-ageing serums and creams to help re-educate, stimulate and regenerate our own existing stem cells encouraging our skin to act younger. These ingredients work across the epidermis and dermis for results at a cellular and surface level and can have a dramatic anti-ageing effect. I recently developed a serum combining four botanical stem cells and eight peptides, Skinesis Stem Cell Collagen Activator (£275 for 4 serum vials, which is the equivalent of 8 weeks’ worth of treatments) which are perfect for restructuring the skin’s internal scaffolding and boosting collagen, for an ultra-advanced anti-ageing serum.

During the summer it is all about hydration, hydration, hydration! Both topically through the use of hydrating serums and moisturisers and internally drinking plenty of water and upping your omega oils to help your skin cells lock onto moisture for plump, fresh and healthy skin during the summer months. Hydrated skin is also less likely to flake and peel after sun exposure so make sure you hydrate before, after and during your sunning sessions.

Make-sure you prep your skin thoroughly before during and after your holiday. As well as ensuring your skin is hydrated and protected. Hydration beforehand is a good way to combat stressed and fatigued skin from a change in climate and from travelling itself, which can be very dehydrating. Support your skin with antioxidants – take supplement two weeks before and during holidays and make sure your skin treatment daily products have antioxidants such as my Dynamic Defence SPF 15 (£43)

What is your top tip for Adult Acne? Hormonal Pigmentation? Dry Skin?

Adult Acne: Be careful not to strip the skin as it will produce more oil and lead to increased sensitivity – try to balance the skin using oils. Be careful of scaring and pigment marking as the skin has a much slower healing rate.

Hormonal Pigmentation:  Always use SPF50 year round and be extra careful if on medication or the pill when exposed to UV.  Avoid use of chemical peels and AHAS prior to UV exposure.

Dry Skin: Look for a products or supplements that contains hyaluronic acid as this miracle ingredient instantly hydrates dry and thirsty skin by holding on and locking in moisture from its surroundings. You will also need fats and oils if you have a true dry skin so make sure you use lipid rich creams. You should also protect your skin as dry and broken skin is more prone to breakouts as the defensive barrier is weakened.

What three things can you not live without?
My family, family time is so important so I always try and make time for this. My Age-Repair Concentrate (£80) – my skin never looks as good when I’m not using it so I’m completely reliant on it. And my Overnight Facial – if I had to pick one item from my range it’s this one; it’s full of scientific ingredients such as Renovage, peptides, antioxidants and vitamins with omega oils and essential oils for a truly unique skincare experience. It’s incredibly results driven so not only do I see the benefits on my face each morning but with its silky texture and enticing fragrance it’s the perfect way to relax and unwind before you go to sleep.

And what are you packing in your suitcase this summer?
I always take my travel size skincare staples with me when I travel to keep up my routine on the go and lots of sun cream of course and a fabulous collection of new Chanel nail polishes! Wouldn’t be without my fitflops either, so perfect for holidays.