Summery conditions may theoretically lend themselves to beautiful event photography, but of course, when that event is an extremely important one such as a wedding, so much can also go unexpectedly wrong.

If, then, you are looking to tie the knot during the summer – perhaps at an enchanting private venue where you are likely to spend significant amounts of time outdoors, such as Château Bouffémont with its spectacular manicured French gardens, or your weekends are fully booked with friends getting hitched, you may appreciate some of these clever beauty hacks!

Skip moisturiser for the day
If there’s one day we might advise to scrimp (or even skip completely) on moisturiser, it would be your wedding day. Instead, when you require the perfect canvas for foundation, we would suggest that you ask your makeup artist to bring an oil-free primer prior to sit underneath your makeup. Less shine, less stress!

You don’t necessarily need foundation
While we can all appreciate the beauty of glowing skin, that glow can so often turn into grease on a hot wedding day. That’s why you should adopt every measure possible to ensure a shine-free makeup regime, which may mean skipping the foundation altogether if you feel confident in your own skin. In this situation, simply using spot concealer could give you a longer-lasting solution when applied under your eyes, around the corners of your nose and wherever you have blemishes. In the event that you do decide to use foundation, we would advise that you apply an oil-free formula blended thinly with a foundation brush.

Don’t ditch your trusted beauty regime
Your instinct may be to consider a striking image revamp for such a special event such as your wedding – but in truth, starting a completely new beauty regime shortly before a wedding is one of the worst things that you could do for your appearance on the day. This is because the use of new beauty products at such short notice could trigger an allergic reaction which might cause your skin to have a freakout. We would therefore also urge you not to suddenly switch to any new body washes or shampoos other than those that you already know and trust.

Pay particular attention to easily neglected areas
Certain areas of the head and body – such as your neck, ears and the parting of the hair – can be easily overlooked in wedding beauty regimes. This should concern you because these are the areas that often aren’t exposed to sunlight, and which could, therefore, end up looking mismatched with other parts of the body. Thankfully, you can pre-empt such a problem by using a bronzer that matches your skin’s undertone.

Invest in waterproof mascara
Even if you aren’t normally the ‘crying type’, waterproof mascara should be one of the first items on your beauty shopping list for a summer wedding. However, there’s more that you can do to ensure your eyes always project the right look during a wedding at this time of year, such as wearing an eye base under your eyeshadow for the utmost staying power. There’s so much else that can go wrong – as well as right – with your summer wedding look, that you are recommended to read much more in-depth to help to ensure your own beauty regime doesn’t spring any nasty surprises on the day and leaves you looking simply radiant.

Why not consult the advice on the Happy Wedd website, for instance, on how you can make the most of your summer wedding makeup?