Stylist Strong is London’s newest all-female strength-focused studio from the people at Stylist Magazine, which launching this May! With more and more women wanting to get strong physically and mentally, weight training has become the ‘busy woman’s’ outlet to release stress. When ‘strength training’ enters the mind, it can often be easy to picture an overly masculine gym covered in sweat with angry grunts coming from the free weights area and it can feel quite intimidating for people just getting started on their exercise journey. With women in mind, Stylist Strong, based in Mayfair’s luxurious boutique members’ club, AllBright, is a fitness sanctuary where women will be able to work out in the comfort of a beautifully designed studio. Stylist Strong’s training programme has been created by Nike Global Master Trainer, Joslyn Thompson Rule. These tailored workouts are designed to build muscle, get your heart rate up and put you through your paces! Joslyn has 14 years experience in this field and has trained everyone from pro-athletes to people who have never picked up a dumbbell before. Stylist Strong’s passion for helping women build strength and improve their mental and physical health makes it easy for regular gym goers and fitness newbies to unite together in one safe space. With expert guidance during their sweat-inducing sessions, you can be sure you’re going to get the best out of your workouts whilst avoiding a dreaded injury. We’ll see you there!

For more updates, keep up to date at Stylist and AllBright Mayfair