words by TUI MCLEAN

I think we all wish we could sometimes freeze time and have a little break from our ever-so hectic lifestyles, just to regenerate and refresh ourselves. Unfortunately for most, the likelihood of freezing time, or even just finding a spare half hour of ‘me’ time is pretty unlikely. That’s why we need a little helping hand when it comes to de-stressing, and Hip and Healthy is here to show you the best de-stress products on the market at the moment.

The De-stress Body Wash from Aromatherapy Associates is perfect for anyone on the run who is craving something to help them unwind. To fully reap the benefits, just lather skin with this deliciously scented body wash during your morning shower routine and feel the active aromatherapy ingredients working together to leave you feeling calm and refreshed. You’ll be ready to start the day with a clear mind. £21.50 (www.aromatherapyassociates.com)

ila Bath Salts are perfect for aiding meditation and claim to soothe the nervous system and bring inner peace. Whether you meditate or not, you’ll certainly want to buy these bath salts which will relax your muscles, rid you of tensions, and most important give you a great excuse to spend ages soaking in the bath! £48.00 (www.ila-spa.com)

As most of us know, the best way to truly combat stress is to get lots of sleep. The only problem is that sometimes when we are really stressed, falling asleep can become even more difficult. Primavera are here to help us with this beauty catch 22 and have brought out Lavender Sleep Therapy Balm, which is designed to aid you in having a restful night so that you can wake up and start a new day feeling recharged. £13.00 (www.pravera.co.uk)

Dr. Hauschka is here to the rescue once again with its Lavender Body Oil. Lavender is a key ingredient in relaxation, and to fully feel relaxed all you need to do is gently rub this silky oil into your skin before bed. The scent of the lavender will help you unwind and keep you relaxed throughout the night. The best part is that this suits absolutely all skin types, so everyone can benefit from it. £17.95 (www.drhauschka.co.uk)

For a facial stress reliever Ark De-Stress Skin Response Serum has the answer. Stress, for most, is not a good look, which is why the clever people at ARK (Age Aware Skincare) have created a product to combat just that. This anti-irritation (read anti-redness) serum contains boerhavia diffusa root, an Ayurvedic herb and a specially formulated enzyme complex that gives tired or stressed skin a much needed boost. It comes highly recommended from the Hip and Healthy headquarters. £39 (www.arkskincare.com)