MOMA! are on a mission to get Londoners out and about in the mornings to make the most of what is on offer in the capital before heading off to work. MOMA!’s bircher muesli pots are the perfect tasty and healthy on-the-go breakfast to start the day. Crammed full of jumbo oats soaked in apple juice and mixed with low-fat Somerset yogurt and real fruit, the top quality jumbo oats make these breakfasts so filling. As well as being low in fat and high in fibre, their low GI qualities help you stave off morning hunger pangs. Sadie, Founder of Hip & Healthy, shares her top five Hip & Healthy morning rituals in London…


1. Run along the Thames
I am lucky enough to live near the Thames in South West London and nothing wakes me up more than a quick jog. Running by the river never gets boring as the landscape is constantly changing and adapting. It’s even better if I can drag along one of my friends too as we just chat the whole way round and the time passes incredibly quickly! But if I am running alone then I either listen to a great podcast or pre-made playlist. I actually find that some of my most creative ideas come to me on a run – there’s something about just being totally in your head with no interruptions that gets the juices flowing.

2. Green Juice
After my morning jog, I love to wizz up a quick green juice or smoothie. If I don’t have the time (or the ingredients) I’ll nip to one of my fave juice bars. At Hip & Healthy we love Retreat Cafe (Soho & Fulham), Roots and Bulbs (Marylebone) and Lab Organic (Covent Garden) . Something with lots of greens but a bit of natural fruit sweetness is perfect – I’m not as hardcore on the green juice as I’d like to be.

3. Yoga
On the mornings I don’t run, I try and squeeze in quick early morning yoga class. Some people like to do yoga in the evening – which can be lovely – but choose the right class and yoga can be incredibly energising. I tend to go to TriYoga as they have studios in Chelsea, Soho, Primrose Hill and even Covent Garden – so there is usually one nearby wherever the day may be taking me.

4. Workout
I am incredibly fortunate that one of my colleagues (my amazing Editorial Assistant, Molly) use to be a personal trainer and so when I’m lucky (and she’s up to the challenge) she spends half an hour or so training me in our office gym. However, there are some days when training in the office isn’t convenient (read Molly has too much on to even think let alone train me!) – on those days I try and get to either boutique gym like SP&Co, or spin studio Psycle (the latest spin trend to hit London).

5. Breakfast
After getting a bit of a sweat on I make sure that I refuel myself properly. It’s either Moma‘s No Added Sugar Porridge mixed with coconut milk, overnight oats at home (we have the most delicious recipe for this in out e-book) or a quick trip to The Good Life Eatery in South Ken (their Choc Norris smoothie is what dreams are made of and so good for you!) or the Detox Kitchen in Soho or Knightsbridge where the brownies are unrivaled… and totally an ok brekkie on the go (they’re sugar-, dairy-, and gluten-free!). 

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