Su-Man, one of the country’s leading facialists, shares her tips on how to beat breakouts and stop spots in their tracks

More and more women and men in their late twenty and early thirties are complaining about regular spots and adult acne. This rise in cases of bad skin can be down to a number of different reasons, pollution, make-up, skincare, nutrition, health or even stress, the list goes on. As someone who has diligently taken care of her skin all her life, Su-Man understands the body and how the smallest of changes to your daily life can lead to the biggest transformations to the body and the face. Here she suggests some easy and natural ways to avoid getting breakouts and how to treat spots when they do rear their ugly heads!

Wonderful Wheatgerm
Wheatgerm facial wash is a simple and natural way to cleanse blemished skin. The flakes of the wheatgerm gently exfoliate the skin but also provide enough protection because they contains essential fatty acids. Bear in mind, you do need to wash your face close to the sink as it is a bit messy and not that convenient but if you persist it’s worth it! Mix one table spoon of wheatgerm with warm water in your palm then massage all over your face for a minute or two then rinse off with warm water.

Acne Oil
Pure Sea buckthorn fruit oil (you can buy it from www.summerbee.co.uk) can really calm breakouts and keep them to a minimum. It’s great for acne. My teenager daughter and my husband are living proof of its effectiveness. Apply small amount to affected areas. Massage in very lightly.

Don’t Overdo It
Never over wash your face as it can often cause your skin to react and cause more breakouts. Twice a day is more then enough and if you do need to wash the third time then wash without soap, just use water.

Exercise with a Fresh Face
Do not exercise with make up on as it can block the pores and lead to further breakouts

Watch Where you Spray
Avoid hair spray getting in contact with your face, particularly if you have a fringe. I make sure I put a hair band on to sleep if I’m not going to wash my hair before bed.