Tired of giving things up? Sometimes its better to add some healthy things in, says Charlotte Newnham… we reveal what you could be adding to your life that will make a difference to your health

It’s February and perhaps those New Years resolutions, set in such good faith a month ago, are starting to hit shaky ground. When it comes to what we eat, resolutions are all about what we shouldn’t, can’t and must not consume and all this denial just makes us feel like wretched weaklings when we give in.  So I hereby propose a new happier way of feeling better and healthier. Here are five little things to add to your diet (and your bath) that will make you feel fabulous without any self flagellation in sight.

Linwoods milled nuts and seeds. What a brilliant invention these packets of goodness are. The finely ground up seeds and nuts come in a myriad of different concoctions. My favourite is flaxseed, almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts and Q10. A couple of spoonfuls are easy to sprinkle on cereal or yoghurt for a mini shot of essential fats, fibre and vitamins. So easy in fact that you’ll be in danger of not noticing how healthy you’ve been.

Inner Me. At last! A range of supplements that look gorgeous enough to sit on your bathroom shelf nestled amongst the perfume bottles. Pop one of their Super Strength Omega 3 for a mega dose of healthy fats.  Could be just the ticket to add shine back into lacklustre winter locks and skin.

Epsom Salts. Once a week treat yourself to a 30 minute wallow in a bath with these wondrous salts. The salts are magnesium sulphate which can be absorbed by the skin as you lie there. Magnesium is often lacking in our diets due to eating processed foods so it’s useful to find ways to sneak more in. Start off slowly with a tablespoon and over a few weeks build up to a cup. Their benefits are endless but the one that keeps me coming back is the quality of sleep afterwards. They truly zonk you out so worth checking the alarm clock is working before you climb into bed.

Sprouts. Clover, mung bean, alfafa, broccoli – whatever your sprout of choice, these little things pack a punch on the nutrition front. They contain all the nutrients and energy required for them to grow into a plant and this is why they are such an excellent source of protein, vitamins, enzymes, minerals and bioflavanoids. You could even go one step further and buy your own sprouter. Now, that really would be impressive.

Apple Cider Vinegar. While I admit this isn’t to everyone’s taste, substituting balsamic vinegar with apple cider vinegar is a tick in the box when it comes to alkalising your body. It is also famed for fighting infections so either adding a spoon to a mug of warm water in the morning or putting a small cup in your bath will work wonders.

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