Long nights with the wrong types of food can lead to long faces. Lots of people still don’t make the link between mood and food, but when you think about it how can the brain not be affected by what you put in your mouth. After all, the brain and neurotransmitters are derived from nutrients and therefore completely effected by what you eat and drink. These three foods are a great way to stay happy and healthy any time of the year, but are especially needed in winter.

Eat more Salmon: Omega-3s (found in Salmon) are incorporated into the cells, making their membranes (the cell wall) more fluid so that they can communicate with one another. This then allows for the feel-good neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine, to get in and out of the cell more easily, translating to a better mood. In fact, Omega-3s themselves are also currently being studied for their positive effect on depression. Watch this space.

Finish the day with Turkey: You may feel as though you have had your fair share of Turkey in the last few months, but don’t rule it out as just a Christmas food as it can be one of the best suppers you give your body. Often described as nature’s Prozac – turkey is rich in tryptophan, which is what your body uses to make happy hormone, serotonin, that helps boost mood and lower sugar cravings. Why for supper? Turkey also has sleep inducing properties.

Snack on Bananas: Bananas contain high levels of magnesium, which has been found to improve sleep and reduce anxiety. As well as this, they also contain tryptophan – essential for the body to be able to produce happy hormones.