Falling asleep doesn’t come easily to everybody. You’ve done all the sleep rituals you can think of… taken a hot bath, sipped on chamomile tea, turned off every electronic possible, spritz lavender-scented pillow mist all over the bed and yet you’re still struggling to drift off to sleep. Switching off is undoubtedly becoming more of an issue 2020 with the added stress of the pandemic playing on our minds. It isn’t a lack of tiredness because waves of yawns have been hitting since 4pm, it’s our brains running wild with every anxiety-driven scenario possible, like a chaotic TV soap on repeat and you just can’t find the off button!

Dedicated to finding effective, wellness-enhancing sleep solutions, LIVLAB, are the low-tech driven brand on a mission to tackle your sleep issues. With two revolutionary sleep gadgets that are loved by thousands of people, we couldn’t wait to share LIVLAB’s sleep-inducing prodigies with you!


For Anxious Minds
Easing you into a deep sleep, Dodow is the sleep aid device that sits on your bedside table, which enables the brain to switch off from outside thoughts. Presenting a long-term, natural solution to insomnia, the Dodow uses cardiac coherence, a technique back with over 10,000 scientific research, to soothe your body and mind to a deeply relaxed state in less than 5 minutes. Used by Air Force fighter pilots to keep their cool, cardiac coherence slows down your heart rhythm pattern to a lower frequency, helping you to calm down and control your emotions more easily. 

You’re probably wondering how does the Dodow miraculous send us into this deep state of relaxation? Using a luminous blue halo projected on your ceiling, which gradually contracts and expands, the Dodow synchronises your breathing with the flow of the movement to reduce the frequency of the waves emitted by the brain. The sleep-inducing pattern guides you precisely to take 6 breaths per minute which activates the parasympathetic system, promoting relaxation and regeneration.

This meditative breathing technique is mimicked by therapists worldwide to treat anxiety-related issues. We are big believers in the power of breathwork here at H&H, it is a simple yet extremely effective tool that we have the ability to access at any time necessary because all you need is your breath! Allowing your brain waves to slow down instantly calms your mind, sanctioning you to think more clearly with less interfering anxious thoughts.

Focusing solely on the gentle glow of the calming Dodow light gives your mind a focus point, overriding any external thoughts or distractions. This immersive transformation will naturally sedate your body, gradually your eyelids will feel heavier and you will be able to drift off peacefully and most importantly, easily! No more hours of tossing and turning, the Dodow’s smart and simple solution to sleep is one were totally on board with. 

Don’t just take our word for it, over 500,000 people from around the world have tried the Dodow out and found it incredibly useful. Unlike quick-fix pills, which stop working once you stop treatment, the Dowdow trains your brain to adopt breathing control habits to induce a state of deep relaxation. Breaking the vicious insomnia cycle, the Dodow is more than a temporary solution.

  • Scientifically Designed – Inspired by behavioural cognitive therapy, yoga and meditation to quickly soothe your brain activity, slow your breathing and relax your body.
  • Long Term Results – actually retrains your brain to learn how to naturally fall asleep on your own, similar benefits to a cognitive behavioural therapy.
  • All Natural & No side effects – Unlike sleeping pills that represent a danger in the long term, Dodow has no harmful effects and won’t lead you to addiction.
  • Works for any condition – whether you have difficulty falling asleep or night awakenings; chronic insomnia or stress-related running thoughts, Dodow has proven results with different conditions.
  • Doesn’t cause addition or need replenishing like other sleep treatments.

Fall asleep faster with Dodow


For those who like to drift away

Harnessing the incredible benefits of hypnotherapy, the Hoomband allows you to escape to another world. Reading a bedtime story is always a winner when getting children off to sleep so why do we stop this habit as we get older? Designed by sleep experts, the innovative audio headband tells hypnotic tales to cast your thoughts away from the worries of everyday life, integrating powerful techniques and tools such as ASMR, binaural frequencies and white noise.

This unique device gives you unlimited access to an app with over 100 hours of exclusive immersive content created by sleep experts including hypnotherapists, sleep doctors, sophrologists, and sound designers. From guided meditations, hypnotic stories and soundscapes, the Hoomband’s main aim is to help you fall asleep quickly and comfortably. Unlike headphones, the Hoomband is comfy to sleep in as it’s made of ultra-thin fabric with adjustable earphones, concealed under a thermoformed foam. 

Pioneered by countless studies on the effectiveness of hypnosis on sleep, the Hoomband can prolong the duration of deep slow-wave sleep. When our bodies access this deep sleep it allows our cells to regenerate and boost the immune system.

Created with insomniacs, light sleepers, tinnitus sufferers and for those who generally struggle with sleep in mind, the Hoomband takes a new stance on “sleep tech”. Contrasting to ultra-connected sleep tracking devices which causes obsessive behaviour over achieving perfect sleep, which is more than often counterproductive, the Hoomband aims to disconnect you using a “low-tech” approach to help you relish in a peaceful sleep.

  • Ultra-thin earphones with Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Connection (no strings attached!)
  • Premium HD stereo sound quality 
  • Maximum comfort – innovative soft foam and elastic fabric (perfect for side sleepers!)
  • Breathable fabric tailor-made to regulate temperature
  • Washable, very easy to clean 
  • Multipurpose – contents created to help you fall asleep but also perfect for meditation, mindfulness or simply relaxation and stress release
  • Free access to new content regularly updated – no extra costs 
  • Noise block –  endless ambient loops that block out noise and snoring all night long

Click here to listen to one of the role play night adventure

Drift away with Hoomband