Autumn. A brilliant evocation of sensual colours, textures and aromas. A time for warmth, calm, and clarity. As the colder weather approaches, we must look for moments of stillness amid the busyness of life, dedicating time for self-care and mindfulness. As seasons change, we can only expect change within our minds and bodies too, so it’s time to replace those summer habits with more autumn appropriate ones to create harmony around us. Here’s your guide on how to live through the Autumn months with grace and ease, plus some wellbeing rituals that will make you feel your most vibrant, healthy self this season.

Cooler weather
Our skin, as with the seasons, goes through different phases. As the summer months slip by, autumn’s unpredictable weather can leave our skin desperate for nourishing treatments, moisturising masks and comforting oils.

Humidity levels decrease in the autumn months: the drier the air, the more moisture it draws from your skin, making you more likely to experience roughness or flakiness during the colder months. Coupled with an increase in central heating, our delicate skin can soon become irritated. Transitioning from the cold outdoors into cosy heated buildings causes the capillaries in your face to contract and expand rapidly leading to broken veins and skin redness.

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Here are a few of our autumn secrets for glowing skin


To save your skin from becoming dry and dehydrated during the autumn months, increase your exfoliation to twice a week. Exfoliating regularly helps to increase cellular regeneration and removes dead skin cells which can hinder the absorption of moisture. When selecting a scrub, choose one with natural exfoliants such as sugar or apricot seed powder.


Beautifully light and silky in texture, facial oils are the ideal products to give your skin some tender care during the autumn months. Try a pampering overnight treatment to further nourish, plump and boost radiance.


After a warm bath or shower apply a soothing organic oil to your body, gently massaging in circular motions to leave skin radiant and supple whilst supporting peaceful sleep.

Warmth + Wellbeing
When the temperatures drop, a steaming bath or shower may seem the perfect cure. Sadly, the high level of steam dissolves the protective barrier on the surface of your skin, eventually leading to dryness and hypersensitivity. Try taking warm baths and showers to reduce the damage. Furthermore, part of the ‘winter blues’ we feel as the days get darker could be eased by getting outside more and moving our bodies.

Autumn exercise for rainy days

Restorative yoga class: protected from the elements, a warm relaxing yoga studio is the perfect sanctuary.

Walk or cycle in nature: fill your lungs with crisp, fresh air whilst finding stillness and calm in nature.

Barre: strengthen and tone your body over the autumn months with an uplifting, motivational barre class.

Cold weather comfort eating
We all know how enticing a steaming mug of hot chocolate may seem after a long day, however, studies suggest diets high in refined sugars are thought to increase the levels of hormones in the body that are responsible for oil production, leading to an increase in breakouts.

To maintain a healthy complexion this autumn, try to limit sugary treats, opting instead for slow-release carbs such as oatmeal and brown rice. Autumn is the season of comforting foods such as apples, pumpkins, parsnips and mushrooms, as well as warming spices such as paprika, cinnamon and cardamon, fuel up on steaming soups and stews to protect your body against the cold this winter.

Autumn recipes

Autumnal ingredients for a radiant glow


Offers high levels of essential fatty acids and vitamins E, C, A, B to nourish, soothe, and moisturise your complexion. Try brewing a calming mug of rosehip + hibiscus tea.


The oil from the juniper berry has traditionally been used to alleviate anxieties while cleansing and detoxifying the skin. Rub a few drops onto your temples whenever you feel anxious thoughts approaching.


The spicy herbal aroma uplifts the spirit, while vitamin C and manganese boost your skin’s radiance. Try adding a fresh cardamom pod to your morning porridge for a wonderfully warming breakfast.

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