Let’s face it. Sea Vegetables have got a pretty bad rep. A lot of people think of them as these alien type creatures that only the most dedicated health nuts will eat. However, what we don’t realise is that they are some of the most chlorophyll-containing and mineral enriched foods on the planet with so many amazing healing properties. Macrobiotic and Life Counsellor, Nicky Clinch, explains the importance of introducing Sea Vegetables into our diets!


There are many varieties of seaweeds available and generally they come in three colour categories, brown, red and green, depending on the level of chlorophyll and light they have been exposed to. Here are some of the more readily available ones:

Green Seaweeds: Sea Lettuce
Red Seaweeds: Nori, Agar, Dulse, Irish Moss
Brown Seaweeds: Kelp, Kombu, Arame, Hijiki, Wakame, Sea Palm

All varying in flavour and texture, but a little goes a very very long way. Here are some of the amazing benefits and healing properties that you may not have known about:


Highly Mineral Enriched
Sea Vegetables have some of the highest and broadest source of minerals than any other food on the planet. With up to 20 times more minerals than land plants they are an amazing way to get an abundance of vitamins and minerals without the need for supplements. Most are particularly high in Iron, accompanied with vitamin C, which helps the iron to be more easily and efficiently absorbed into our system.

They are also the only plant source that contains B12, which is usually only found in seafood and meat. So for all the plant-based foodies and vegans out there, this is essential to ensure you get your source of this important mineral, which is important for keeping our body’s nerve and blood cells healthy.

Keeping our mineral intake happy and healthy will promote:

Hormone Regulation
Bones, teeth & nail strength

Healthy, glossy hair

Efficient concentration
Good energy levels

Kidney & Adrenal Strength

In Oriental Medicine, Sea Vegetables are well known for being the best source of foods for strengthening our Kidneys, Adrenal Glands and Bladder. Keeping our Kidneys and Adrenals strong will give us tip-top energy levels, good sleep, good sexual libido and a healthy reproductive system. Not bad hey!


Cleansing Metals and Radioactive Toxins
Sea Vegetables are an amazing natural cleansing source for removing metallic and radioactive elements from the body. This is a particularly important for those of us living in heavily polluted cities. Snacking on a sheet of Nori a day is such an easy, delicious and effective way to keep our blood cleansed and system healthy. Try this delicious Nori Wrap recipe!


Reproductive System & Boosting Fertility

As mentioned earlier, Sea Vegetables are one of the main sources for keeping our reproductive system happy, healthy and strong. An amazing blood tonifier, Sea Vegetables are amazing for naturally cleansing and softening hard masses deep in the body, fibroids, tumours and ovarian cysts, helping our reproductive system to flow well and work efficiently.


Clarity of Mind

Lastly, in Oriental Medicine, Sea Vegetables are known for helping to keep the mind focused, clear and peaceful. Clearing the well-known foggy headedness often created from excess sugar, refined foods and drinks.

words by Nicky Clinch


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