Our Content Editor, Molly Jennings, took a trip to Dolphin Square Spa to indulge in some TLC with their relaxing and tranquil Lava Shells Massage. Here’s what she thought…


I have to be honest and say taking time out of my schedule to treat myself to a massage (or any kind of body treatment) isn’t something I do a lot. I don’t know why but I always think I’m too busy… I love treating myself to the occasional mani/pedi but a full on massage always feels like too much of a relaxation commitment! By the time I’ve stripped down to my undies, planted my face in to the head rest and spent the first 20 minutes trying to stop my brain from chattering, the treatment is practically over and before I know it I’m back to the hectic outside world.


Maybe the reason why I’ve had that kind of attitude is because I’ve never really found a treatment where I’ve felt truly and utterly relaxed. Having been a ballerina, I’ve had countless deep tissue massages in my lifetime, but not the normal, slightly uncomfortable ones… I’m talking about the intense, sports massages that take “ouch” to a whole new level. You have not felt pain unless you’ve given birth or you’ve had someone’s elbow digging in your hip flexor. It makes me wince just thinking about it!


So when the opportunity arose to try out Dolphin Square Spa’s new Lava Shells Massage, I was intrigued and open minded, but not jumping up and down with excitement like most massage addicts.




Well… let me tell you, I have never felt cosier, more relaxed and more content in a treatment than this one. Let’s start from the beginning. Upon entering the spa (a few streets away from Pimlico Tube) you are given directions to the changing rooms and a key to a locker where you can store your belongings. There, you will strip down to the bear essentials, pop on a robe (and slippers if you fancy) and head to the waiting area where you will find jugs lemon and lime infused water to sip on while you wait for your therapist. In terms of style, the spa has a very Moroccan, warming, mystical feel, with lots of gold and red tones to the decor. A stark contrast to a lot of London’s spas, which often feel very modern, white and futuristic. After a few minutes of waiting, my lovely therapist came to collect me and took me to a gorgeous, low-lit treatment room that was almost cave like. I instantly felt a sense of calm. Things were looking good so far!


The treatment is very much like a hot stones massage, except the stones, which in this case are shells, self-heat. Here’s how it works. The shells incorporate a biodegradable heat technology, due to a natural exothermic reaction – which in layman terms means that the shells emit a continuous heat for over an hour and are an eco-friendly alternative to hot stones. My therapist seamlessly worked on my back, neck and forearms (a girl who types all day really appreciated the latter!) for about an hour solely using the silky-smooth shells to ease out tightness and tension, which there was plenty of. It was glorious I tell you! The warmth of the shells gliding up and down your back is to die for… a definite must-have treatment for the autumn and winter months!


After the treatment was over, I was shown to the relaxation area where I could continue to feel totally calm and zen-like for as long as I wished. This, for me, helped prolong that feeling of relaxation, as I didn’t feel pressured in any way to leave at a certain time. I just spent the next half an hour flicking through glossy magazines and sipping on a delicious tea infusion. Bliss!


I would highly recommend this treatment to those who feel over-worked and stressed. Dolphin Square understand that being able to switch off and truly find calm and peace can be difficult in this day and age so everything they do is catered to allowing you to achieve total tranquillity. I’ll definitely be back, that’s for sure!

For more info head to their website here!

words by Molly Jennings