Turn the lights down and the music up, H&H are announcing the launch of Psycle, London’s brand new, urban-chic spinning studio right behind the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street!

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So what is Psycle? Psycle is a place you can go to forget about your worries and enjoy pushing your body out of its comfort zone. This 45 minute, high intensity, low impact workout is specifically designed to strengthen your core, give you toned, sexy limbs and melt fat… Yes please! Psycle aim to make their classes total-body workouts by using light weights to tone the upper body whilst moving on and off the saddle to really challenge your lower body. From ballerinas and pilates teachers, to athletes and nutritionists, each Psycle instructor has their own personal style of spinning so you can be sure to find a class that tickles your fancy. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with being perched on a bike, there isn’t a single ounce of competitiveness amongst the group and you won’t be called out for not following orders to the letter. Psycle are passionate about bringing everyone in the room together to create an energy that will inspire each rider to workout to the best of their ability. If that didn’t convince you, Psycle are also the first UK store stockists of Lorna Jane, Australia’s queen of activewear! At Psycle, you’ll never be far from a body-busting workout and a rail of stylish gym gear! See you on the bike!

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