The Power of the Pumpkin

 words by Frankie Rozwadowska

Ahh the pumpkin – that round orange squash forgotten about for approximately 362 days of the year. And on the days we do acknowledge it, it’s either being carved to death or dished up in a (albeit delicious) spiced latte. It’s about time we gave this fruit the recognition it deserves – it serves a far greater purpose than a Halloween decoration (or embarrassing costume) – it’s a skin saviour. Seriously, the pumpkin packs some serious punch – not only crammed with skin-healing vitamins (A, C, E & beta-carotene), minerals and antioxidants; but also packed with zinc which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to calm skin, and enzymes that soothe, smooth and moisturise. If that isn’t enough, the pumpkin is rich in alpha hydroxy acids which act as a natural exfoliator and linoleic acid which helps make skin more supple. AND it helps calm redness. Just the ticket as winter kicks in. Just cook it, mash it, add some natural yoghurt, a drop of honey, and you have a frightfully fierce facemask. Or, to avoid looking like an extra from Dawn of the Dead, you could always try one of these super pumpkin products:

Burt’s Bees Miracle Salve – contains pumpkin seed oil to moisturise and nourish. Works wonders on dry skin and hair. £7.99

Elemental Herbology Wind and Cold Therapy – for your hands, cuticles and lips – this cocktail of botanicals contains fresh pumpkin cells to soothe and repair dry, inflamed skin, whilst stimulating cell renewal. £19.00

MyChelle Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser – it hydrates, purifies and moisturises, and forms a lusciously rich lather that’s both vegan and gluten free. £9.00

Lulu & Boo Rosehip Lifting Serum – 100% raw and organic, the pumpkin seed oil works with an array of other natural ingredients to firm and revitalise skin without blocking pores. £28.00

Philosophy Homemade Pumpkin Pie – use it as a shampoo, shower-gel or bubble bath to cleanse and condition skin and hair. It smells as good as it sounds. £14.00

Nest Fragrances Pumpkin Chai Candle – okay so it may not be skincare but it’s bound help you relax and unwind. The perfect scent for a cosy autumn evening, with notes of cardamom, ginger and cinnamon. £37.00