The journey to parenthood is very rarely a straight, freshly tarmacked road. From conception to birth and beyond, as a parent, you’ll face all sorts of challenges that no life skill will really be able to prepare you for. For first time parents, (and even those on their second or third) those first few months and even years can often feel quite isolating and lonely, especially when you’re rocking your child back to sleep at 3 am and it feels like you’re the only one awake in the world. With unrealistic portrayals of parenthood plastered all over the media, it can be all too easy to think your baby is the only one not sleeping through the night or not devouring bowls of broccoli puree like your friend’s baby is. With so much comparison, driven largely by social media, it’s hard to trust you aren’t the only one finding parenthood the scariest hood of all! A community is key when you’re a parent and building a network of people you can talk to or lean on in tough times can make the world of difference to your parenting experience. Although some might find it more tricky than others to gather their tribe, luckily, there are some amazing resources in the form of parenting podcasts that aim to uncover the highs, lows and realities of becoming a parent. They can offer guidance, reassurance and can be really informative and helpful on a huge variety of topics from conception, birth, weaning, sleeping, baby loss, nutrition, mental health to name just a few.

The most amazing thing about the parenting podcasts we’re going to share with you is that they are incredibly accessible and free to stream or download. We think we’ve chosen a podcast to suit everyone, from those who love a healthy dose of humour (Dirty Mother Pukka is for you!) to those that might want to listen to more informative discussions with medical practitioners and experts. We adore each and every one of these and we hope they provide you with some laughs, revelations, some “ah-ha” moments and simply some comfort that you’re not on this journey alone.

Sh**ged. Married. Annoyed | Chris & Rosie Ramsey

Mothers’ Meeting | Louise Pentland

Scummie Mummies | Helen Thorn & Ellie Gibson

The Motherkind Podcast

The Motherkind Podcast | Zoe Blaskey

The Parent Hood Podcast

The Parent Hood | Marina Fogle & Chiara Hunt

Mother Pukka Podcast

Dirty mother Pukka | Anna Whitehouse

Happy Mum Happy Baby Podcast

Happy mumm Happy Baby | Giovanna Fletcher

Made By Mammas Podcast

Made By Mammas | Zoe Hardman & Georgia Dayton