With festival fever in the air, we’ve rounded up our top 5 Festival Recovery Essentials to help you get back on track come festival end. From luxurious recovery packages to nourish mind, body and soul, tips on the best ways to reboot your system through food and fitness, the DIY natural beauty must-make for all sunshine seekers as well as our at-festival essential to ensure a smoother recovery upon your return – we’ve got all your bases covered. Read on for our top tips and enjoy (and recover) from festival season in style.

1. Well Aware’s Festival Recovery Packages: Our ultimate post-festival go-to’s designed to suit the needs of any recovering festival-goer, the clever packages that our favourite (and London’s only) healthy concierge offers, provide a fail-proof way to get ourselves back on track when the festivities end. Featuring 3 packages – The Mind-Body Reboot, The Reformation and The Savasana, each collection has been thoughtfully designed to restore and revitalise even the most burnt out of festival fiends.

2. Pump up the raw: When it comes to rebooting from the inside out, we love to pump up the raw. As festivals don’t usually offer the healthiest selection of food, excess sodium and sugar combined with alcohol can make for a bloated body and sluggish digestive system. Incorporating freshly made nutrient-rich and hydrating juices, smoothies and coconut water into our diets when we get home is something that always perks us up and gets us feeling more like our usual spritely selves. Additionally, enjoying lots of fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and whole grains upon your return is a sure-fire way to get digestion moving along nicely, soak up toxins and put a spring back into your step!

3. Kiss The Moon GLOW Kit: If you’re jet-setting to another holiday destination after your festival fun, be sure to pack Kiss The Moon’s GLOW Sleep Recovery Set, a travel sized kit that will help you slip back into a more sensible sleep pattern before early mornings once again become the norm. Featuring Kiss The Moon’s GLOW signature blend – a 100% natural concoction of orange, geranium, myrrh and litsea essential oils – this clever kit will help you to sleep soundly, whilst vitamins A & E will infuse sun-exposed skin with much-needed nutrients. Treat yourself to a home spa experience by taking a long relaxing soak in a warm bath featuring GLOW After Dark Bath Oil, get into your favourite comfy pyjamas and follow up by applying a layer of GLOW After Dark Face Oil, before settling into bed with your luxurious silk sleep mask included in the kit as a bonus gift – heavenly!

4.DIY Coconut & Honey Hair Mask: Whilst we all pay attention to the suns effect on our skin, what we often fail to take into account is its effect on our hair. Hat or not, hair is mostly always exposed to the sun, so if your hair is feeling a little brittle and dry – chances are that over-exposure to harsh UV rays are the culprit. To restore hair to its natural vitality, we swear by this all-natural DIY coconut and honey hair mask that is almost good enough to eat! Mix 2 parts melted coconut oil, 2 parts honey and 1 part ACV and apply from roots to tips for 30 minutes before washing as usual. If you’re a frequent festival-goer or looking for a more intensive treatment, feel free to enjoy this mask weekly.

5. Neals Yard Festival Favourites Kit: Whilst not designed to help you recover from your festival antics, this handy collection of skin-loving mini must-haves will keep those festival blemishes at bay, giving you one less thing to worry about come festival end! Containing Organic Facial Wipes to refresh and remove the days grime, a multi-purpose Wild Rose Beauty Balm that can be used to cleanse, moisturise and repair tired skin, and last but not least, a Beauty Sleep Concentrate to recharge skin and fake a full night’s beauty sleep.