So we know that Imbibery roots from your mutual love of green juice, and is influenced highly from your travels around Europe however, at which point did you realize that you were ready to tackle the juicing industry face on and set up the brand?
The second we decided we were going to live in Europe we knew we had no choice! We wanted a green juice we could drink all day every day and couldn’t find one that fit easily into our lives and were yummy!

How many times a year would you recommend someone to take part in an Imbibery cleanse?
It’s such an individual choice and you really have to know your body. We say a 3 day cleanse with the change of every season is good and a 1 day cleanse is a great way to flood your body with nutrients when in need. More than anything, we think it’s important to have a cold-pressed juice in your fridge so you can always grab it – when you’re living your life as normal and not on a cleanse!

And, we are dying to know.. is the “All green everything” collection perhaps not for the juicing novices?
Not at all! If anything it’s for people who are new to juice because it shows them all our green options and then they can choose which appeals to them from a flavor standpoint! We’d even say try one of each and figure out which one you’re #coldpressedobsessed with!

We all understand the basic benefits that drinking juice can offer, but why does making it cold-pressed elevate it to that next level of healthiness?
Because you get the maximum amount of nutrients possible. A centrifugal juicer creates friction which creates heat and once heat is applied vital nutrients and vitamins are killed. Because our juices are cold-pressed, no heat is applied. You also extract so much juice! There are about 2-3 kilos of produce per bottle. There’s also no fiber, which means your digestive track doesn’t have to work to break anything down- you get that immediate nutrient hit in your system!

…And we’d love to know what your individual faves from the juicy/mylky collection are?
It changes all the time! Right now we’re crazy obsessed with Hydro and Gazpacho.

Oooh and because we’re partial to a health kick just as much as a social beverage (if you catch our drift), we absolutely LOVE the partnership you have with Belvedere.. how do you see this escalating into a drinking revolution, and why?
We saw how much everyone in London drank! And we love to go out and have a drink with our friends. But the mixers and cocktail options are full of absolute garbage. We became close to Claire at Belvedere and learned all about how Belvedere makes their flavored vodka (through mascerations) and their commitment to making drinking as clean as possible. There was just a natural discussion of- oh my goodness! This is what we all want! It really was the same thing as starting our Detox line. We wanted something and realized we would just have to make it ourselves.

As we’re all becoming that bit more health conscious, do you see cold-pressed juice becoming something much more mainstream in the foreseeable future?
Absolutely! Our cold-pressed cocktail line with Belvedere Vodka is a total case in point. We worked with them to design the perfect balance of flavor and ingredients to be mixed with vodka. We know people are going to drink alcohol, but the options out there for mixers are so scary! This gives people an option to drink better. Of course, these can be consumed on their own as well. So we certainly think it will be much more mainstream and fit into all components of your life. We’re so excited for everyone to be able to Imbibe all day and all night! We think that’s pretty mainstream!

So aside from providing the UK with their daily health kick, how else do you like to spend your time?
We love to work out, so we go to Psycle and Lomax a lot! And we do enjoy going out for dinner with our friends and love love love the opportunity to dance!

Do you find it difficult to unwind in the evenings with such hectic lifestyles? If so, how do you manage to find the much needed balance?
Yes and no. We’re best friends and business partners and really don’t have a “switch off” mode. We’re always both.  So work and play are one in the same. And we truly love what we do and pinch ourselves everyday that this is our life. That for us is our balance.

Seeing as this is our Fitspiration after all, we would love to know just how you both love to work out?
We spin at Psycle all the time. We also really enjoy a killer blast class at Lomax. We’ve recently started doing Barrecore and that has been an awesome addition. It is so hard!

Do you have any mantras or tips you live by that you wouldn’t mind sharing with us? We could all use a bit of mantra(spiration) in our lives.. (We know that’s not a word, but we’ll go with it for now)
Have fun and laugh a lot- laughter is so incredibly important. It’s what gets us through everything. We also always say yes. When given an opportunity we’re always on board and then figure out how it’s going to get done.

Any beauty must-haves that never let you down?
At least one green juice a day and tons of water. Our exotic and ginger shot is also a necessity pre and post flight or if we’re ever feeling puffy.

We all have those days where waking up in the morning is possibly the most difficult prospect to face, how do you begin your day to ensure you make the absolute most of it?
Well, our Coffee Almond Mylk is made with cold-brewed coffee is such a happy pick-me-up! We both start our day with a green juice and get that nutrient hit pretty quickly. We also just try to get each other super excited for whatever is going on that day if we sense one is lagging. On the other hand, we also recognize when one of us is burnt out and say, it’s ok if you need a little bit of down time.   

With the idea of ‘Jet and Reset’ sitting at the heart of Imbibery, allowing people to take their juices with them all around the world, we wonder, if you could take Imbibery anywhere else in the world, where would it be, and why?
Ooh! That’s such a great question! No one has ever asked us that. Our friends and family in the states are always dying to try- so that would be great. Although, a desert island with nothing but Imbibery sounds pretty divine right now!

And finally, we can’t let you go without asking what’s next for Imbibery?
We’re really excited about our Cold-Pressed Cocktail line. Because it’s HPPed, it has a longer shelf life, which means it can be more accessible to a lot of people.  It’s been amazing seeing people’s reactions when they try it. At the same time, we’re always coming up with new flavors for our Detox line (not HPPed) and expanding that. Take our Gazpacho for example- it just embodies summer and was so much fun to create! To be honest, we truly take things as they come – so we’ll all see what’s next for Imbibery together!