Scrumbles was founded by husband and wife, Aneisha and Jack. Unable to find anything on the market which could tame their pets upset tummies, they created Scrumbles, a gut-friendly, all-natural pet food which is free from common allergens and nasties and comes with a wiggle of approval from their pet cat and dog, Boo and Smudge.


A certified B Corp, Scrumbles is an ethical company based in the UK and offers a complete nutritional package designed for all pets’ wellness needs. Believing in the power of business to do good, Scrumbles sources quality ingredients responsibly, is made in the UK and supports animal charities with food and a donation of 10% of profits. Focusing on gut health, Scrumbles contains only what is essential for your dog’s health, with a limited number of ingredients that are tailored to your dogs breed size or life stage. They only use named animal protein and have added probiotics for gut health.

Thinking of adding a furry addition to your household? Scrumbles have shared their New Puppy Checklist for everything your furry friend deserves.


Socialise your puppy early so that they grow into a confident, happy dog.
Puppy socialisation should start when you take them home at 8 weeks old and they’re most receptive up to 16 weeks. Gradually and frequently introduce them to positive interactions with your friends, children, the pizza delivery guy and other animals. When playing with your puppy gently get them used to you touching their little paws, checking their teeth, and looking inside their ears to make future trips to vets and groomers a breeze.


Start crate training
Remember living your best days playing in blanket forts? Choose a crate with space for your puppy to sit up, stretch and turn around in and fill it with cushions, blankets and toys. Start with the door open and let your puppy get used to it before leaving them alone for naps. The crate should be their sanctuary so help them feel safe in there; we doubt you’ll be able to drag yourself away, but don’t leave your puppy alone for long periods. Toilet training can be fun (really!) if you use the crate as a base and bring your puppy out to the designated toilet spot before and after meals, naps and playtime.


Keep your puppy protected
When you sign up to your vet, most will provide 4 weeks free pet insurance – don’t forget to renew it past this point to keep your puppy protected. Puppies are susceptible to worms, fleas and ticks and should stay inside away from other animals until they’re up to date on their vaccinations, which they’ll need at 8 and 10-12 weeks old, to stop scary infections like rabies. Worms, fleas and ticks can cause all sorts of problems for your puppy as well as pass on to their furry friends so get your pup a diary and keep track of when they need their next treatment. Speaking of protection, early on experiences stay with your puppy so this is the time to start getting them used to loud noises like fireworks to help them stay calm during fireworks season.


Provide lots of love and stimulation for your puppy
Bored puppies chew, dig, bark and overeat. Let your puppy sniff freely when going for walks – humans will never know how interesting a twig really is – and play games that stimulate their amazing sense of smell like “find the treat.” You can build an obstacle course out of boxes and cushions. Socialisation is great for stimulation as well. Above all, it’s your job as a pet parent to let your puppy be a puppy! Puppies can be messy, excitable, anxious, exhausted and have lots of little accidents. Every dog’s individual personality makes them special.


Give them the best start with great nutrition
Choose a food that’s tailored to your puppy’s needs: Large breed puppies (over 20kg full size like Great Danes) have different nutritional needs to smaller pups and can take up to 24 months to fully mature so they need a healthy dose of joint support and carefully balanced calcium phosphorus ratios to prevent problems like hip dysplasia. Keep them on an appropriate large breed puppy food until their second birthday. Puppies have sensitive tummies and the excitement of a new home can bring with it tummy upsets. Choosing a natural food with gut-friendly ingredients like Scrumbles which has an added probiotic will help keep your puppy healthy.


New Puppy Essentials

  • Lead and harness
  • Stainless steel puppy-sized food and water bowls
  • Identity tag and microchip
  • Complete puppy food
  • Chew toys
  • Crate
  • Blankets and cushions
  • Puppy toothpaste and brush
  • Poo bags
  • Grooming brush


Have you introduced a new puppy into your life? Or do you have an existing pet you’d love to spoil? Scrumbles is offering 25% off with the code Puppypower. Shop their range of natural dry dog food and dry cat food.

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