To make our wellbeing a priority, it needs to become part of our day, and in this day and age, can anything truly be prioritised unless it’s part of our schedule? Life has a funny way of getting in the way of our best intentions for our wellbeing. Unless we’ve planned classes or consultations into our day, the promises we make ourselves can too easily be overridden. Make way for MINDBODY, the wellness app which lets you discover, book and pay for fitness classes and wellness appointments with the ease of namaste at the end of a yoga class.

MINDBODY opens the doors to anything wellness-focused, from acupuncture appointments, Pilates reformer classes or sessions in the sauna (psst…it’s good for you!). When you download the App you’ll be instantly connected with numerous studios, clinics and salons. It’s a simple tool to help benefit your wellbeing from so many angles.

MINDBODY began in CEO Rick Stollmeyer’s garage with the aim of helping studios to manage their timetable, payment and reporting systems more effectively. Since then, the company has grown out of the garage and into the hands of the consumer, allowing you to access what’s happening in the wellness world around you with one easy-to-use App. Now you can access an ever-growing number of classes and appointments, a refreshing concept for those of us who may have been locked up on the same gym contract for years!


Navigating the App

Save yourself the scroll – You can save a hit list of favourite places you know you’ll want to come back to in the Favourites tab so that you can easily check their schedules and book in again. Even if you’re a regular traveller, you can save your spin studio in Sydney and your barre studio in Boston.

Booking in classes and appointments via the App’s Schedule tab allows you to save them directly to your online calendar, that way you can plan up to two weeks ahead or for those who love the eleventh hour, you can squeeze in a session! The App also saves your class and appointment history so that you can keep track of the time you’re prioritising for your wellbeing.

MINDBODY aggregates payment for your studio visits and appointments so you’ve booked in and paid within a few clicks. You can also find great deals including promotions and introductory offers in your area, making your wellness habits even more affordable.

Your gateway to new studios and clinics when you’re in a new place? MINDBODY’s Explore tab is the tool to finding what’s available around you.

For those active techies tracking fitness with FitBits, you can connect your activity data to the MINDBODY App. Monitor which classes are getting your heart rate up and calories burnt and where you’re reaching your goals! Plus, be guided by other people’s ratings and reviews of each place and the different classes and services on offer.


The MINDBODY App is for anyone who wants to commit to making their wellness a priority. It’s ideal for those who want to discover places around them or to try a variety of classes appointments which makes payment and planning simple and all the more rewarding! Click here to download the App for iPhone and here for Android

words by Annabel Armitage