Mid-Winter Health and Beauty Do’s

words by Sadie Macleod

Winter and I do not get on. Chapped lips, cracked hands, frizzy, fly-away hair not to mention dull skin and pasty legs are all part and parcel of this ‘festive’ season for me. So I have spent many years trying to combat the effects of winter and finally think I have come up with a few solutions that help me to tackle the year’s colder months head on. Here are just a few of my winter do’s…

Sleep More:
There is a reason that doormouse go into six month’s hibernation now. Sleep is particularly crucial at this time of year. It is all to do with preparing our body for the winter to come and the amount of sleep we get is, of course, directly linked to our energy levels. It is recommended that we get eight hours of sleep a night. The best sleep is that before 12am, so try and get into bed as early as possible, even if it means reading for a bit before you are tired. If you have trouble sleeping there are a few things you can do. Neal’s Yard make a wonderful Sleep Kit, which includes calm-infusing camomile tea, lavender remedies to role and Unwind flower essence (£26.25). Buy it – you won’t regret it. Also, another good trick is that if it is the thoughts in your head that are keeping you awake then keep a notepad by your bed and write them all down before you close your eyes. You will sleep much easier knowing that you won’t forget them come morning.

Stock up on Vitamins:
Make sure you stock up on as many vitamins and minerals as possible. Vitamin C is your absolute go to this season as it is the best possible ways to boost your immune system (plus it is great for the skin – bonus). The best sources of Vitamin C are found in strawberries, kiwis, oranges and guavas, but since guavas aren’t the easiest thing to get hold of and it’s not the season for strawberries, the best way to do it is to take a supplement. My go to brand of supplements is Viridian (www.viridian-nutrition.com) as their products are reliable, fantastic quality and the packaging is pretty (perhaps not as important as the first two – but makes buying vitamins more fun).

Treat Your Hair:
Central heating can cause our hair to frizz, fly, knot, dry and break – not to mention that this is all on top of the damage that has been done to it all summer. Aveda has the answer – something that I swear by that will get your locks looking luscious and lovely in no time at all. Damage Therapy Intensive Restructuring Treatment is a weekly treatment that is formulated to deeply penetrate the hair helping to repair it from root to end. It contains quinoa protein too, which will also give it extra shine. Apply from root to end after shampooing and leave on for 5 minutes for best results, then rinse and voila!