You may recognise Maude Hirst for playing the character, Helga, in the popular TV series “Vikings” from 2013 – 2017, but you may not know about her strong passion for yoga and meditation (if you follow her on Instagram then you will definitely be aware). With the launch of her new guided meditation platform, Meditation with Maude, she has shared her health habits with us!


My de-stress tool

“I have lots but my top 2 are: A daily meditation practice with candles and oils (the props aren’t necessary but who doesn’t love a bit of mood setting) Inspired by the book ‘The Artists Way’, I write 3 stream-of-consciousness morning pages. Putting my pen to the page and not taking it off to think, until I finish and never reading them back. It totally de-clutters my mind ready for a stress-free day.”


My guilty pleasure

“CHOCOLATE! Praline flavoured preferably. I sometimes get sudden sugar lows or ‘hangry’ as my friends would call it and chocolate seems to be the best remedy. Not sure it can really be a guilty pleasure… it’s certainly pleasurable but I’m not sure I’m too guilty about it! Yum!


My non-negotiable health habit

“Meditation. I meditate every day without fail. The times where I have missed a meditation, I notice a huge difference in my productivity and energy levels. It’s like Pringles, once you start meditating, you just can’t stop.


My evening ritual

“Sipping a cup of ‘nighttime’ tea while de-briefing my day and thoughts with my partner. I feel like I’m a nocturnal animal, often coming up with my best ideas at night. Including the concept for my online meditation platform ‘Meditation with Maude’, combining my love for connecting with people and sharing the benefits of meditation with them.”


My desert-island beauty product

“Organic Coconut oil. I have actually just spent a month in northern Sri Lanka, practically on a desert island and I would have been like a shrivelled prune with all this sun and no coconut oil.”


My biggest health extravagance

“It might be a little left of field but I’d say travelling. I travel as often as I can and experience lots of different cultures. There is nothing like being somewhere totally new and foreign to gain a healthier perspective of your own life…. oh and a healthy tan is always a bonus too.


My favourite workout right now

“I used to dance, gym train, circuit train and run but recently I have found that doing a power yoga class is the best way to stretch me out while toning me up. It also makes me feel great internally too. Win, win.”


My greatest achievement

The past year of my life. I have pushed myself so far out of my comfort zone, learnt new skills, discovered lots about myself and travelled lots of the world. I used to feel achievements only referred to my career successes but this year has helped me redefine that and acknowledge that life if full of achievements and I’ve never been happier. And now I get to share all of the knowledge I’ve acquired this year through my online meditation platform and I couldn’t be more excited.

Find out more about Maude’s meditation platform here.