Tucked away down a little side street in Knightsbridge, is Linda Meredith’s inviting and simple little clinic, frequented by an endless list of A-List stars H&H contributor, Claire Howe shares her experience of trying one of the revolutionary facials – her Anti-Pollution Facial.

Recent studies show that toxic fumes are the number one cause of skin ageing and living in a highly polluted area such as London ages people 10 per cent faster than those in the countryside. The journal Frontiers in Environmental Science demonstrated that “prolonged or repetitive exposure to high levels of pollutants may have profound negative effects on the skin.”  

With this in mind and new for 2019, Linda Meredith has created results-based facial designed to powerfully protect skin both in the city and beyond.

Linda explains: “Skincare regimes target every possible ailment – but even the hardest working creams must tackle the biggest irritant we face daily: pollution. We know that pollution particles speed up the ageing of your skin; It contaminates faster than you can cleanse.  Toxic air has been linked to premature ageing, hyperpigmentation, and worsening skin conditions such as eczema and hives. This new facial is a way to redress the balance of modern living.”

Having lived in London for the last 13 years I’ve tried to protect my skin as much as possible from the free radicals and pollution, however it was bound to suffer at some point and along with being pregnant which plays havoc with your skin, my dull complexion and grey skin needed some attention, to get some glow back.

My lovely therapist Sarie took me into a warm and peaceful room to start my facial. To begin she gave me an express facial which included a cleanse, exfoliating micro peel and massage, with the aim to resurface the skin, promoting cell generation and to cleanse and clear my pores.  The process does feel quite tough on the skin; however, the results are definitely worth it.

The next step was a collagen infusion, designed to calm the skin and address any redness which is something I tend to suffer with. The infusion also stimulates collagen and elastin in the skin, allowing for plumpness and reducing any patchy, red or even dull, grey complexions.

The facial concluded with an oxygen treatment, the ultimate step to combating pollution and free radicals damaging the skin. The oxygen treatment reinstates moisture to the skin by thoroughly hydrating it, as well as plumping and reducing any lines and wrinkles.

Here are Linda’s anti-pollution solutions and tips for city dwellers:

Use Amazon Enzyme Peel once a week to remove surface pollution. This gentle peel is made with natural enzymes of Papaya and Pineapple, which work to dissolve dead skin cells without causing any damage to the underlying new skin. Walnut shell powder is added to give a bit of extra exfoliation along with nature’s healer aloe vera which adds a soothing touch. (£55)

Use a powerful hydrating spray like Collagen Synergie after cleansing before your face cream. This powerful spray on serum beautifully supports the deeper layers of skin and works to balance natural skin processes, rebuild moisture levels, smooth wrinkles and leaves the skin plump and firm (£105) 

Use Amazon a powerful anti-ageing wonder balm that contains a host of anti-ageing oxidants to seal and protect the surface of your skin. (£149)

words by Claire Howe