Constructed to break down your mental barriers and test your physical strength like never before, MCP is Manor’s new underground workout space in their SW1 location. Set in an old carpark MCP is a raw, slightly unhinged environment where gym-goers can really let loose. Leave your ego outside and prepare for a gritty, gruelling workout where your only opponent is yourself! Three different classes will take place at MCP; Gas Tank, StrongMan and Yard Work, each equally as challenging as one another, with different focuses. Gas Tank is a conditioning test which incorporates hardcore cardio from sprints, intervals and distance training. Your resilience will be forced to take over during this session as it is high intensity and takes no prisoners! StrongMan is a weight lifting, concrete jungle! Think heavy sled pushes, d-ball throws, axel bar action and more. This class is the ultimate way to let loose and release anger whilst building muscle. Yard Work, notorious for being the toughest session in London, includes a combination of the toughest aspects of Strongman and Gas Tank training. Get ready for some serious sweat as you meet your mental and physical limits. Each of these sessions shares the same ethos and end goal; it is not about being the fittest, strongest or fastest in the room. It is about pushing yourself past your personal boundaries and developing mental resilience through fitness!

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