We live in a fast-paced world with a typhoon of appointments, deadlines, exercise classes and social engagements to keep up with. Our daily skincare can often take a backseat, with a quick scrub whilst showering, or a speedy cleanse simply to rid our skin of the dirt from the day. I, for one, have definitely been whizzing through a short cut version of my skincare regime as of late. With new season Peaky Blinders and Bake Off to catch up on and a very busy 4th quarter for H&H, I’ve been slipping into bed a bit later than I’d like and that means my skincare regime has fallen to the wayside. As we enter a new season, I think there is no better time to rethink your skincare regime and make it more of a priority in your day. It should feel like a proper ritual and something to take time over and I really want to make it an essential part of my evening again. To give me some inspiration on how to make my skincare regime an indulgent self-care ritual, I spoke to Kate Roath, founder of Wild Source Apothecary on why it’s important to dedicate time to looking after your skin. 

At Wild Source, we practise skincare as self-care. We encourage our community to decelerate, draw focus on personal rejuvenation and adopt a deeper perspective on skincare. Using simple daily rituals, it is possible to bring a touch of mindfulness and meditation to your skincare practice. As part of our ‘Mindful of Beauty’ campaign to promote the importance of wellbeing from the inside out, here are some Wild Source approved steps to help you invite a ritualistic approach to your everyday skincare regime:


Set The Scene

Create a calm and inviting atmosphere before you begin your skincare rituals. Light a candle or burn some calming essential oils in a diffuser such as Lavender, Vetiver or Jasmine. Turn off or put away electricals (TV, phone/iPad) and avoid taking your laptop into the room.

Say Thank-You

Cultivating a sense of gratitude and setting an intention before you begin will activate and increase your receptivity. This simple step will allow you to focus on the moment, amplify your awareness and raise your vibrational frequency. Thank yourself for allowing this moment of true self-care.

And Breathe

Take 5 minutes to deepen and slow your breath. Close your eyes or hold a soft gaze and inhale deeply for 4 counts, hold for 4 and slowly out for 5. On your outward breath release any thoughts, feelings and emotions that arise. If you feel your mind starts to wonder just gently come back to your breath. This will help you to relax and focus on your skincare ritual.

Be Present

Treat the application of your face oils as a ‘whole being’ treatment, this is not only an opportunity to transform and bring harmony to your skin but to restore, realign and reconnect with yourself too. Be present and invested in the moment… Breathe in the essential oil aromas and feel a sense of calm move through your entire body. As the wholesome ingredients feed your skin, your calm and quiet state of mind feeds your soul.


Incorporate facial massage into your daily ritual, you can do this using your hands or you may like to use a Gua Sha or facial roller. Using our facial oils as your ‘slip’, massage in an upward motion towards your Lymph nodes. Focusing around the ears, jawline and collarbones. As well as promoting a radiant complexion facial massage helps to improve circulation, reduce swelling and puffiness and eliminate toxin build-up below the skin surface. Combined with simple massage techniques, our plant-based oils encourage the natural healing systems of the body to activate.

Our products are intended to go deeper than just skincare, restoring and rejuvenating the skin but also lifting spirits and inviting clarity to the mind. We offer a transformative approach to slow beauty and skincare. The result? Glowing, healthy skin and a radiance that comes from within.

About Wild Source Apothecary
Consciously-crafted skincare brand, Wild Source Apothecary, provides a rooted framework to realign, reconnect and rediscover your authentic, true and natural beauty. Best known for its luxurious oils and masks, all of which are handcrafted in Bristol, Wild Source believes that in combining its powerful natural products and bespoke mindful meditation, it can provide a 360° mind, body and soul approach to skincare. Wild Source is proud to be mindful in every aspect of its business. It’s an intricate, meditative process, from the way it consciously sources its ingredients, to its efforts and commitment to improving its sustainability offering through a new refill service and promise to remove all plastic from its packaging by 2020.

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