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The Long-Lasting Deodorant:
Sure, It Can Handle Anything

words by Sadie Macleod


It is official. We have never been busier. International stress statistics have reached an all time high and we continue to try and fit more and more into our already jam-packed lives. And if you are active, like me, then you’ll probably find that when you are busy rushing around from A to B, the last thing you want to worry about is sweat patches!

Now, you know me, I like my food and my beauty products to be natural, but eau de natural when I’m just about to walk into an important meeting is not something even I want to risk! Which is why I was delighted to discover the new Sure for Women Maximum Protection deodorant.

Available in four different scents, including a new one Everyday Fresh, Sure Maximum Protection offers twice the protection against sweat then many leading antiperspirants. Not only will it keep you fresh and dry for the whole day, but it will also protect you the following day too, yes folks – that is a full 48 hours! Slowly becoming our ultimate summer festival must-have, the deodorant also has skin conditioning ingredients so it won’t irritate your skin either!

I have decided to really put the deodorant through its paces and test it on a shoot that we have coming up next week. Shoots are always super stressful, and this one is a recipe shoot, which means spending lots of time in a hot kitchen and running in and out trying to calmly balance three freshly made smoothies on a tray that has been set up by the Stylist with the Food Editor reminding me that we still have 14 more dishes to shoot and we only have a couple of hours left in the studio. And did I mention that i’ll ride my bike there and back – the biggest sweat test of them all – negotiating London commuter traffic on a slow but lovely two-wheeler push bike! If I turn up at the shoot without looking like I swam there, then I will be more than impressed.

Sure Maximum Protection is £5.10 for 45 ml. For further information visit www.suredeodorant.co.uk