Riding the new wave of all-inclusive hotels, that puts dismal buffet-serving package holidays to shame, Paradisus Salinas on the sun-soaked island of Lanzarote is the adults-only luxury 5* resort by Melia that shows off well-being, culture and nature in style. The Canary Islands are a solid contender for guaranteed weather, with an eternal summer season that makes it popular to escape the UK during our drawn-out winters, in just 4 hours.

Introducing a new set of retreats for 2024, the Melia group has put themselves on the map as a wellness destination, with offerings to ignite your spark for self-care, movement and self-discovery. Habitually, Lanzarote draws in an athletic crowd, with holidaymakers frequenting the promenade for morning runs along the coastline, hiking the volcanic moonscape and cycling the wide stretches of terrain. Paradisus Salinas has established itself as the ideal base for an action-filled trip with a balance of exploration and relaxation.

Adopting the Destination Inclusive® concept, Paradisus sets itself apart by going above and beyond to host their guests and immerse them in the local culture. As standard with all bookings, the hotel incorporates exclusive experiences to venture out to landmarks as part of your stay. From culinary workshops to wine-tasting at El Grifo the oldest winery in the region, a tour of Jameos del Agua designed by César Manrique or an excursion to the Cactus Garden, the experience list has been expertly curated to uncover the raw beauty of Lanzarote. The common thread that runs through all of these noteworthy excursions is the appreciation for nature that is embedded in the culture of the island. 

Steed in history, the second Paradisus hotel may have only opened its doors earlier this year but the building itself has stood since 1973, designed by acclaimed architect, Fernando Higueras alongside eminent multi-disciplinary artist, César Manrique, a native of Lanzarote whose legacy dwindles through his visionary design aesthetic which is recognised all over the island.

Long before LA homeowners coined the term ‘indoor-outdoor living’, Higueras meticulously designed the staggering architecture to let nature take centre stage in the vicinity and the outcome remains remarkable all these years later. Honed by a wilding garden of luscious greenery, the lobby has an open-top roof that beams sunlight in to elevate the space. Luckily there’s only an average of 15 days of rain each year in Lanzarote, otherwise, this feature wouldn’t have quite the same effect. Higueras’ rationalist architecture is an ode to Lanzarote’s otherworldly volcanic landscape that breeds cosmic energy. Channelling the swirling coastlines and colossal volcanic crates, the hotel follows suit with curvilinear forms that blend into the scenery serenely.

Melding 70’s pizzaz with a fresh modern take on interiors, Paradisus’ neutral tones and gleaming marble floors take the look and feel of the hotel into the present day. Adorned with art and murals from local artists, each space evokes a sense of style in its own right, which sets it apart from typical all-inclusive destinations. Housing 282 rooms and villas, a wellness spa, gym, outdoor swimming pools, tennis court and seven different restaurants to dine from, this all-encompassing hotel is perched right on the beach with private access to not one but three sandy bays with azure shores, glistening with transcending year-round sunshine.

The assortment of restaurants gives guests the freedom of choice, whether you fancy Middle Eastern, Italian or the local Canarian cuisine. La Graciosa, set in a traditionally quaint Canary casa in its own separate entity, is a dining experience to relish local culinary excellence, headed up by Michelin star-awarded chef Germán Ortega. Favouring local ingredients, sourced daily from neighbouring farms and fishermen, the tasting menu brings humble dishes to life with Ortega’s signature touch. You’ll be lusting over the prawn-filled mini cornetto-esque cone that features as an amuse bouche and the succulent sticky pork dish that’s a speciality on the meat menu for many moons.

The Reserve elevates Paradisus Salinas’s already faultless service one step further. This exclusive offering gives guests access to a plush private lounge, a state-of-the-art pool area and extra facilities to make your stay that little bit more sumptuous. Breakfast is served to Reserve guests a-la-carte with nourishing egg-centric dishes and healthy sweet options in toe. The suites and rooms allocated to Reserve guests are where the value lies, with square footage larger than most London flats and a sprawling balcony with an ocean view or vistas over the spotless gardens.

Keeping your penchant for health and fitness at bay, Paradisus’ facilities for all things wellness allow you to keep active while you vacay. From the alfresco spin studio to the coconut deck frequented for yoga classes, around each corner, you’ll discover different ways in which Paradisus utilises the space to enhance well-being. In the basement, the hotel has a dedicated space for Corest Fitness, a well-kitted-out functional fitness gym running group classes that follow a ‘WOD’ format and PT sessions. 

The lulling scent from the spa allures you into the secluded nook tucked away for a peaceful ambience. The sanctuary harnesses holistic wellness with treatments, thermal rituals and therapies that leave you slightly woozy in a tranquil daze.

Embarking on the realms of spiritual tourism, the Melia group have forged an alliance with Sadhana Works and The Chopra Foundation to curate a programme that goes deeper than the surface. The Radical Love Retreats, rolling out across global Melia destinations, invite guests to change patterns, lift unwanted trauma and sync into a sense of inner peace. Mariana Salinas, founder of Sadhana Works and Gabriella Wright, Co-founder of Never Alone, a suicide prevention and mental wellness initiative of the Chopra Foundation are the brains behind this mind-opening concept set to launch in 2024. The renowned guru, Deepak Chopra brought the two together which began a journey of sisterhood which have built the foundations of Radical Love. Days of the retreat will include meditation, breathwork and Kundalini Yoga alongside thought-provoking workshops that allow you to become a beckon of consciousness and recondition your mind in a bid to rekindle self-love.

Showcasing its zest for local culture, Paradisus Salinas is helmed by iconic architecture, sensational cuisine and above-par amenities around every corner. If you’re craving a dose of winter sun, where better to head than the wellness-centric island of Lanzarote? Whether you seek relaxation, adventure or a seamless blend of both, this sun-kissed haven awaits.

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words by Isabelle Shury

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