Welcome to February – a bit of a “meh” month in my view. Although the daffodils are beginning to emerge, we can’t quite feel that we have shaken off winter yet and the joys and magic of Christmas and the Christmas holidays are far behind us, and we’ve all been battling with horrid winter bugs throughout January making us feel properly exhausted. So, February arrives and I welcome it like some might welcome a long-lost relative – it feels familiar but I am not sure that I like it that much. Which is why I really have to lean into the whole Valentine’s day/self-love / love others part of it – to make me like it just a little bit more and get me through. There is also the small matter of my birthday this month, which I used to love but ever since I turned 30 have started to dread. So, here are some wellness essentials I will be relying upon to get me through the last of the dreary cold days and long nights. And if the below isn;t enough for you – just think – come March the sunset isn’t till just before 6pm – and isn’t that a wonderful thought. 

Acai Thermal Seamless Base Layer, £49

I have a dog now, and although she is still a puppy and her walks are limited to 20 minutes a day, I feel that because I have a dog I need allll the appropriate walking gear. I have had my eye on this Thermal base layer for some time – it’s flattering and warm and just perfect for layering. I also have a hankering for their dungarees for a good spot of spring gardening!

AJA Botanicals “Hello, I Love You” Candle, £39

Nothing says self-love quite like buying a beautiful candle for yourself. Floral scent lovers will adore the natural fragrance of Hello, I Love You, which is hand-crafted with essential oils of bergamot, geranium and frankincense, garlanded by jasmine. ‘Throughout history, in the language of love, flowers have had hidden messages. This bouquet is about showing your love for others, giving love to yourself, a love for adventure. And, quite simply, for joy…’ Tilly Wood, Aja Botanicals founder. It is the ultimate present to you from you! 

Healthy Made Simple, Ella Mills

One of the biggest acts of self-love and showing love to another is cooking a delicious and healthy meal. I have always loved Ella’s (of Deliciously Ella) recipes and her new book is great for easy and quick meal ideas whilst still being tasty and even a bit of a showstopper. I am trying to fit more legumes into my diet and this book has certainly helped.

Rose Hand Balm, Bamford, £25

Founder of her namesake brand, Carole Bamford absolutely loves roses – not just for their exquisite scent but also for their healing properties. Packaged thoughtfully in a recyclable pure aluminium tube, Bamford’s Rose Hand Balm cares and protects hands when they need it most. 99% of the ingredients are entirely natural and each one is picked to soothe dryness, hydrate and leave skin feeling soft. For ultimate self-love points give yourself a mini hand massage whilst applying.

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“Believe you can and you’re halfway there”

– Theodore Roosevelt

Collagen Round Up

I don’t know about you but my skin is at its worst in February – dry but also spotty and a little bit gray with lack of sun and general joie de vivre! LED masks have certainly helped but I also find a collagen supplement essential at this time of year. Here are some of my faves…

Bare Biology – Best for Vegans

Ancient + Brave  – Best for adding to your breakfast

Vida Glow – Best for on the go

Correxiko – Best for 40+ Women