Happy Monday Hip & Healthies! We’ve got an exciting challenge for you this week that involves catching some Z’s! Yes, that’s right, this week we’re going to be inspiring you to hit the sack, and for good reason!


For our sleep challenge, we’ve partnered with Drift, a company who have made it their mission to help the world sleep more soundly and peacefully, one delightfully comfortable mattress at a time. Born and bred in Britain, (on a country farm in Yorkshire), Drift pride themselves on using expert craftsmanship and only the finest, natural materials. No latex, polyester or foam here! Drift are all about natural british wool and cotton to help maximise your comfort and keep your body temperature regulated which cheaper, synthetic materials just can’t do. On the topic of comfort, Drift have taken this to a whole new level thanks to their innovative micro-coils… all 4000 of them! Perfectly contouring your body, you’ll get all the support you need for a blissful night’s sleep. Tried and tested to last 10 years, you can rest assured (literally) that you’ll always enjoy the impeccable bounce-back no matter how many times you jump into bed!


Drift also solve the annoying problem of getting a mattress delivered and into your bedroom. Who’s had the sweat-inducing experience of trying to fit a great big mattress through their front door or up the stairs of their apartment block? I think we’ve all had a Ross from Friends moment…”Pivot…Pivot!!” Well, pivot no more because Drift mattress’s come rolled up in a durable bag so you won’t even need to disturb your neighbours for help! P.s if you haven’t seen that classic Friends moment, type it into youtube and enjoy!


Throughout this week, we’re going to be helping you solve some common and not so common sleep problems so you can snooze deeply, making your days much more energetic, positive and enjoyable… because there is nothing worse than feeling tired and grouchy! We’ll also be delving into how your lack of quality sleep is affecting your health. Sleep is so often overlooked when it comes to our wellbeing and it’s time for that to change because it’s actually super important if we want our bodies to function to it’s best ability.


With the clocks going forward this Sunday, it’s time to make that extra hour count, so stay tuned here and on our social media channels and join us on our sleep challenge!

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words by Molly Jennings