It’s your typical early morning routine. You hit the snooze button more times than you’d like to admit and when you finally wake up, you’re like a magnet to the espresso machine, impatiently waiting for your coffee. As you wait, you might have your hands on your lower back attempting to undo the damage that your previous night of tossing and turning has caused and you’ve finally decided it’s just because you’re not a morning person. But in reality, its most likely caused by internal and external factors affecting your sleep.


On average we spend 25 years of our lives sleeping and as sleep is one of the most important elements for living a happy and healthy life, we want to make sure that we make the most of it! However, with the pressure of being ultra productive super-humans, we often compromise on sleep no matter how much we hear the experts extol its benefits. There are so many things that can go awry with your nightly routines and you may have tried every trick in the book, including counting sheep. And if you’re someone who counts sheep and reaches past 100 each night, then we’ve put together some of the best solutions for the most common sleep issues here!


The Issue: Over-heating

The Solution:
Of course, the obvious solution to overheating while you sleep is to turn on the AC or crack a window- and there is a reason! Studies have shown that the optimal temperature for a good night’s sleep is 18 degrees. While making the room an ideal temperature is the first solution, there are other factors to consider. You might think about switching up blankets and duvets but there is another culprit that usually flies under the radar when it comes to placing the blame on overheating: your mattress. Many mattresses trap in heat and when you’re sandwiched in between a hot mattress and a 15 tog duvet, you’re going to heat up! Luckily, Drift makes mattresses that keep you cool at night and wick any moisture away from your body. Most mattresses use latex and foam both of which act as artificial insulators, causing you to overheat. The clever people at Drift use British wool mixed with cotton as the combination creates a natural, comfortable, and breathable surface for you to catch your Z’s! Offering a wide range of sizes from single all the way to super king, there will definitely be a size to fit you perfectly!


The Issue: Restless Legs

The Solution:
The best solution for restless legs is exercise. Always schedule in at least 30 minutes of movement during your day and as part of your bedtime routine, you can also include some nighttime yoga or a warm bath to ease aches and pains caused from restless legs. Check our one of our favourite pre-bedtime yoga routines by the lovely Tara Stiles here!


The Issue: Neck and Back pain 

The Solution:
The usual suspect in this one is your pillows and your mattress. Invest in supportive pillows that won’t cause your neck to strain and allow you to sleep comfortably without readjusting. While is it is important to have supportive and comfortable pillows, one of the golden solutions for neck and back pain lies within your mattress. Drift mattresses are made to contour your body, giving it the support it needs while you dream! Each mattress is made with over 4,000 innovative, pocketed springs that allow you enjoy a blissful night’s sleep. They have even been tested to last more than ten years too! No back pain for ten years sounds pretty great to us!


The Issue: Insomnia. 

The Solution:
We all have those nights where we just. Cant. Sleep. No matter what you do, you find yourself either drowning in your own thoughts or drowning in a warm cup of milk, praying that the beverage will make you somewhat sleepy. One of the best solutions for insomnia is to meditate as part of your bedtime routine. If your brain is going a mile a minute, keeping a diary will help you express your thoughts, ideas, and frustrations no matter how grandeur or minute. Clearing your mind from the day or week will help you focus on sleep and relaxation only, encouraging a good night’s sleep. Unplug, unwind, and rest up!


The Issue: Even a sliver light can affect your sleeping patterns.

The Solution:
Wearing a blackout eye mask is not reserved just for the divas amongst us, in fact we are all sensitive to light and could do with sleeping in an entirely dark room. If this isn’t possible for you (for example if you have street lights outside you room) then wearing an eye mask will definitely help your brain to get the signal it needs to sleep. We love eye masks from Holistic Silks!

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words by Nadia Liu