Jade is a qualified professional Reflexologist practicing across London. With a long list of celebrity clients and an impressive bank of testimonials, Jade is committed to providing tangible results and delivering a sense of calm to each individual client in their own home. Currently, Jade is also working alongside Professor Mark Whiteley at The Whiteley Clinic in London to provide hand reflexology to patients undergoing surgery. Their work is being piloted to discover whether hand reflexology can help patients’ experiences whilst undergoing medical procedures and the findings will be reported to the medical journal. Here she gives all of us Hip & Healthies her top tips on how she likes to achieve optimum wellbeing!

I love starting the day with a yoga class. It really sets me up for the day ahead, leaving my body feeling open and my mind clear. Head to Tryoga in Primrose Hill where they give you a lovely bowl of porridge after your morning class!

After a long tiring day, why not try running a hot bubble bath to release any tension. I love ‘This Works- deep sleep bath soak’.  It really helps me get a good night’s sleep.

I am a huge fan of Nude skincare products. I use their perfect cleansing oil every night, it leaves my skin feeling clean and hydrated.

When giving my clients ‘Facial rejuvenation’ I always end the treatment with Nude ProGenius treatment oil. I use massage techniques which stimulate blood flow and release tension from the face. The oil is the perfect finishing touch, it leaves the skin glowing and revitalized!

I am a firm believer of ‘you are what you eat’. I really try and eat as much organic, fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables as possible. It makes such a difference to the way you feel and look. My favourite place to eat is Riverford in Devon. To get to the restaurant you have to walk through a field and all the food you eat is picked that day from their organic farm. It’s always seasonal and unbelievelably delicious!!

Living in London can sometimes make you feel very stressed, with it’s fast pace and busy streets. Whenever I feel that I need to calm my mind and have some space from the chaos, I take a long walk through Hampstead Heath. It’s great getting lost in the woods, it leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to get back to it all.

I’m hooked on a new exercise… Netball! I play with a team every Thursday night in Camden. I look forward to it every week and I always leave feeling exhilarated, tired and regardless who wins, happy!

My favourite candle is Nadia Narain’s peace candle. It’s made with 100% plant wax, aromatherapy oils and chemical free.