Is your diet sugar free? If you’re anything like us, you embrace a healthy diet, avoiding refined sugars as much as possible, instead enjoying an abundance of healthy and unprocessed foods devoid of the dreaded ‘S’ word. However, if you’re like us, you may also on occasion reach for the dates and/or raw desserts and energy balls like there’s no tomorrow, thinking it’s ‘healthy’ to do so as they are free from the white stuff – right? According to Sarah Wilson, sugar-free Aussie mega babe and I Quit Sugar founder, avoiding sugar in all its forms is crucial if sustaining a sense of health and wellbeing, let alone glowing skin and a leaner physique is your goal! Read on for how you can quit the sweet stuff, embrace REAL food and become the best version of you with I Quit Sugars new 8-Week Program…

Already successful in helping 1.2 million people worldwide quit sugar through their existing online 8-week plan and best-selling print and digital cookbooks, I Quit Sugars newest Program is the only dedicated plan on the market designed to help people from all walks of life, ditch the sugar.

The launch of the much-anticipated UK version features high-profile UK dieticians and nutritionists on call to answer questions and queries in the Forums so you can rest assured that throughout your 8 week transformation you are in the best of hands. What we love most about the Program is the sustainability factor. The delicious and nutritious meal plans featured within make use of inexpensive, in-season veggies and cuts of meat plus all recipes are waste-free! Read on for what you can expect:

  • 8 weeks of winter Meal Plans and Shopping Lists.
  • Over 90 exclusive member-only recipes.
  • Community Forums and weekly emails to keep you on track.
  • Access to more than 45 IQS Experts to mentor you as you quit sugar.
  • Weekly motivational videos from Sarah.

Ahead of the launch of the new I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program, we caught up with Sarah on her most recent visit to London to chat about her London fitness and foodie favourites.

Best workout: FRAME’s Reformer Pilates.

Best place you’ve eaten: Honey & Co. I enjoyed a glorious ox tail broth with a beef side rib and semolina dumpling with beetroot soup. It was amazing and made for the perfect jet lag antidote.

Best snacks you’ve discovered on-the-go: Jasmine Hemsley gave me a few of her Paradise Bars which were incredible and low fructose! I’ve also been grabbing a warming root veggie soup from Planet Organic since i’ve been here. I’m really not a fan of all of the raw nut and date snacks that are everywhere in London right now as they are super harsh on my guts and reap havoc on my blood sugar levels.

Number one health tip: Learn to cook!

Top 3 sugar-free tips for living in or travelling through London: 

1. It’s winter, opt for warming, grounding foods to combat the coldness, wind and frenetic energy at this time of year. Avoid raw food and green juices.

2. Don’t be scared of a pub meal. Some of the healthiest, most sustainable and ethical food in the world is found in some of England’s pubs. Most are attuned to local and seasonal local veg and use secondary cuts of meat.

3. Walk everywhere. London even in the middle of winter is a city that needs to be viewed above ground. As a visitor it’s much faster, plus you get mobile reception so it makes for a great way to conduct meetings and return phone calls. Also don’t forget to always take the stairs at the tube station!

To celebrate the launch of the Program, we will be giving away 10 free passes on our instagram on Friday the 29th of January so keep your eyes peeled! 

Registrations for the 8-Week Program are now open and close on Tuesday February 2. The Program costs £80 and kicks off on Thursday February 4. For more info and to sign up, click here

Words by Zsa Zsa Vella

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