If you’ve been chugging down your 2 litres of water a day as part of our 10 day water challenge with BRITA – were sure you’ve already noticed some of the amazing health benefits that this daily practise has on energy, skin and even your workouts! Whilst we love a good Fill&Go full of plain old water – sometimes for a little bit of variety and an extra hit of nutrients, we like to spice ours up (literally). Read on for the varieties we’ve been enjoying this week and continue the good work! Happy hydrating!

Blueberries and cinnamon

A super yummy, sweet and sultry combo that we love to sip on after a long day on the move; antioxidant rich blueberries combine with blood sugar regulating and metabolism boosting cinnamon for an after work tipple that will perk you up and keep cravings at bay. Simply add a generous tablespoon of blueberries and a pinch of cinnamon to a glass of cold water. Let sit for half an hour to absorb the flavours before serving up in your favourite mason jar.

Strawberries and mint

Best enjoyed alongside a meal, this revitalizing and refreshing infusion is one of our favourite summer tipples. The lingering taste of sweet strawberries paired with refreshing and digestion enhancing mint, makes this concoction perfect for pairing with lunch or dinner. To prepare, chop up strawberries into quarters, add a few sprigs of mint and some crushed ice to a glass of chilled water and enjoy!

Watermelon and sweet basil

­Our favourite summer time pick-me-up, this somewhat unusual blend of watermelon and sweet basil makes for an interesting and tastebud tantalizing combination. We like to freeze cubes of watermelon in an ice tray, before adding a few to a glass of water alongside some fresh basil leaves to top it all off. This one works best when left to sit until the watermelon cubes have slightly melted and the water is a pale shade of pink.

Lavender and blackberry

Our summer night-cap, this combo works best in room temperature water and makes for an extremely calming end to the day. Sleep inducing and soothing thanks to the addition of fresh lavender, the blackberries add a sweet tartness that perfectly compliments the floral undertones that become more apparent the longer you let this one sit. To create, add a generous handful of blackberries and a few sprigs of lavender to a glass of tepid water. Leave to sit for 15 minutes and sip slowly, preferably whilst soaking in a bath of aromatic oils – heaven!

Orange and cardamom

A yummy after dinner treat, this mixture of citrus and spice is our after-dinner beverage of choice. Fruity and spicy, this one tastes delicious alongside a slice of our raw vegan blackberry cheesecake or on its own when you crave something tasty post-dinner. Prepare by whisking a pinch of cardamom into a glass of water before adding in a few squeezes of fresh orange juice, followed by 2 or 3 orange segments et voila!

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Words by Zsa Zsa Vella

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