Nutritionist and yoga teacher, Madeleine Shaw, is our go to girl for when our bodies need a little extra glow! Summer after all, is a time when we most want to flaunt our happy, radiant selves! So with thoughts of gentle ocean waves and the flipity-flopity sounds of our sandals, we quiz her on her “Get-The-Glow” mindset and how we too can achieve a glowing and positive body (inside and out!) this summer!

Maddy’s approach has three important steps that when combined together, will make such a huge difference to both your complexion as well as your mind. She explains, “It’s all about what you eat, drink and think”.

Just like Hip & Healthy, Maddy advocates to eat whole, natural foods, that haven’t been processed, refined or had sugar added to it. Below are some of her favourite foods that she loves to incorporate in to her lifestyle…

Chia seeds – Chia seeds make great additions to any meal! Soak them in almond milk for tasty breakfast treat or add them to salads for lunch or dinner! They contain loads of omega 3 fatty acids and they make awesome egg substitutes if you’re vegan!

Avocados – What’s not to love about the avocado! They’re full of fatty acids, great at stabilizing blood sugar levels and make the perfect 4pm snack to avoid the “slump”! We’re with her on this!

Bone broth – A slightly unusual “glow enhancing” food but maddy swears by bone brith as it’s full of minerals and collagen which help keep the skin firm!

Sauerkraut – For anyone suffering from bloating or gas, you’ve got to try fermented cabbage! It’s full of enzymes that help beat the bloat and help with reducing sugar cravings!

Cold water fish – Finally, maddy recommends oily, cold water fish for dewy skin….She loves salmon, mackerel and sardines!


A vital “get-the-glow” step is staying hydrated. Water is so important for your skin especially in the summer when we sweat a lot more. She also advises to add a pinch of sea salt or lemon to help the fluids absorb more efficiently into your body.


The last step on your “get-the-glow” journey is your mindset. It’s all about learning to love yourself and accepting your individuality. No body is built or looks the same so embrace the positives. Let go of the guilt and remember that meal times are an opportunity to nourish and reward your body!

image: Seafolly