Get clued up on your goals

Setting goals is a sure way to give yourself the best start when it comes to getting back into shape. It forces you to really think of what you want to achieve, how you want to feel and also look. An important aspect of setting yourself goals is to be specific. Saying that you want to look like a victoria’s secret model is all very well but that’s not going to give you a clear focus in the gym, nor in the kitchen. Jot them down on paper (or Iphone!) and you will soon discover whats important to you when it comes to being healthy and happy in your own skin.

Be Food Savvy

The food you choose to eat can either be your best friend, or your arch enemy. It’s quite astounding at how different types of food can affect the way you feel, especially when it comes to energy, productivity and even your mood. You also should consider that everyone reacts differently to food and what might suit your friend may not sit well with you. Becoming food savvy is learning to be observational…notice what your eating and how your body reacts to it. There is no right or wrong, it’s just a process of learning what foods make you feel at your best. We would suggest however to remove all artificial sugar and processed foods from your diet, we’re certain this alone will give you a massive heads start!

Hit Refresh On The Inspiration Button

Motivation and drive to exercise and eat well definitely likes to come and go when it pleases, and sometimes at the most inconvenient times! RSVP to your friends birthday bash? Check. Dancing shoes? Check. Dress to die for? Check. Motivation to workout so you can look hot? Ermm no..someone pass be the chocolate! Nobody is perfect and we all need some inspiration when we feel its dried up! Go old school and put up a few pictures of inspiring quotes or people you admire around your room or your workspace. You’ll be reminded of why you started and why being healthy is important to you. Or, if you haven’t already, get yourself on instagram and follow some accounts that you feel inspired by. There are some truly awesome people out there who offer workout tips, nutritional advice and lots of fun and healthy food ideas to get your Hip & Healthy juices flowing again. Some of our favourites include @censkiii @deliciouslyella @madeleine_shaw @naturallysassy_ @nataliabojanic @honestlyhealthy @calgaryavansino and @hipandhealthyuk (duh!)

Put The Emphasis On How You Feel Rather Than How You Look

We can all get caught up in body image and wanting to look like perfection, but an attitude that solely focuses on whats in front of the mirror won’t beat an attitude that focuses on overall, positive wellbeing. Shifting the emphasis from your reflection to your mind is the best step you can take towards achieving the body your deserve.

Try A New Way Of Exercise 

Another fantastic way to get back in to shape is trying a new way of exercising. Sometimes we can all get stuck in a particular workout rut and our bodies can adapt very easily to certain ways of exercising, so switch things up with a new class or new training programme. To make it more fun team up with your best workout buddy and go together… you’ll support and push each other through your new way of exercising AND nothings better than having a girly (or manly!) catch up over a post workout smoothie afterwards!

words by Molly Jennings

image: Roxy