With the New Year upon us and the festive season officially over, we’ve teamed up with Pukka to bring to you seven days of detox tips designed to help you enliven the hippest and healthiest version of you in 2016! By joining us for the next week, you can expect to become equipped with all the info you need to know to establish healthy habits that we hope you’ll carry on implementing into your daily health regime once the initial detox period is over.

Here at Hip & Healthy, we don’t believe in deprivation or faddy detox diets that can often leave you exhausted, burnt out and worse off than when you began. Instead, we focus on incorporating a healthy dose of detoxifying foods, supplements and workouts into our day-to-day lives, to make the most out of the benefits of a cleanse whilst still enjoying a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle.

Stay tuned for a week of expert tips and advice, detoxifying workout ideas, and the cleansing foods and supplements we’ll be incorporating into our diets this year (spoiler alert: clearer skin and a leaner bod may result). Keen to join us in bringing in the new year the Hip & Healthy x Pukka way? Here’s how you can get started straight away…

Cut The C.R.A.P

To us, the first step to detoxing every day is by cutting out the C.R.A.P: caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol and processed foods. Whilst these things are ok to have occasionally, for the next seven days and as often as you can thereafter, attempt to significantly reduce your intake. Instead, make sure to load up on lots of greens, fresh juices, lean proteins, fruit, veggies, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats! Keep your eyes peeled for our favourite healthy alternatives and daily detoxifying eats that we’ll be posting on social media for the next seven days to keep you inspired!

Break A Sweat

Exercise is an incredibly important factor in the detoxification equation. Whilst it’s generally important to mix up your exercise regime to prevent boredom or over-working one particular area of the body, during the next 7 days, focus on incorporating more strenuous, sweat inducing exercise such as spinning or HIIT into your usual routine. Vigorous exercise such as these increases lymph flow and circulation, aids in digestion and will help sweat out those unwanted toxins pronto!

Add These To Your Diet…

In addition to the foods we eat, we love making use of natural supplements to help bring us one step closer to our health and fitness goals. This is where Pukka comes into play. This week as we cut the C.R.A.P and take our workouts up a notch, we’ll additionally be making sure to incorporate detoxifying supplements and herbs into our daily routines. Join us in drinking 2 cups of Pukka’s delicious Detox or Detox with Lemon Teas throughout the cleanse as well as ensuring you get in your daily serving of Pukka Clean Greens – an organic blend of 11 super-rich green foods designed to naturally support the body’s ability to cope with toxins. We love adding ours to our morning green juices and smoothies for a hit of goodness first thing in the day!

Consider Your Home + Beauty Products

Whilst focusing on what you eat, your supplements and your exercise regime is a great way to ease your way into living as toxin free as possible – when you’ve mastered the above, it’s important to begin to consider the toxins lurking in your cosmetics and home cleaning products. If you tend to favour cheaper, conventional products over their eco-friendly, more natural alternatives, chances are you’re exposing yourself to an additional abundance of toxic substances. If this is the case, throw out (or phase out) your current home cleaning and beauty products in favour of more natural alternatives. Keep your eyes peeled for more on how to detox your home and beauty cabinet later this week.

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Words by Zsa Zsa Vella

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