If you’re feeling a little bit down and blue due to the cold getting considerable colder and the short, dark days getting darker, don’t worry you are not alone. For many of us it’s a common thing to experience a change in our mood when summer gets replaced by (let’s put it politely) a less sunny season! You’ll hopefully be grateful to know though, that Hip & Healthy is here to help you beat the Winter blues. See below our top tips!


Get your mindset right
Weapon one in this inevitable fight, is to get your battle plan in order. Whilst it’s great fun to look back on the wonderful memories you made in the summer, it’s not a good idea to get too stuck in memory land, as that will only make you more depressed. Instead, try to be grateful for the beautiful things winter can bring and make an effort to focus on the possibilities this magical season can create for you. And speaking about winter opportunities…


Choose your winter challenge
Weapon two is your Swiss knife – aka loads of choices with regards to things you can do to stay entertained and happy. Often, the unpleasant, cold weather tends to bring out the hibernating bear in us, so if you fall into that stereotype then why not make the most of the indoors! Swap Netflix for something you find fun and engaging! Us humans are pack animals and it’s scientifically proven that we get energy and bliss from spending time with other humans so maybe start a challenge or a new hobby with your bestie! Perhaps you even want to start something on your own and join a new pack. London is filled with endless possibilities from pottery classes, to cooking classes, to indoor table tennis clubs and acro yoga teams. Find something that get’s you excited!


Lose your gym membership and do classes instead!
Remember how easy it was to motivate yourself to go to the gym back when you knew you had a holiday coming up? Different story now isn’t it? During the depths of winter, we know that our bikinis are gathering dust and any skin we dare to bare will consist of just our faces and maybe hands! It’s so easy to fall off the wagon and neglect your training and your gym membership will turn into nothing but a monthly pay out. Not only is it wasting your money, it’s also a constant reminder telling you that you should be doing something you’re not – causing a guilty conscience. So we say drop it! Dump your gym membership if it’s only bringing you down and start class pass, join a running group or other drop in workouts that get you going instead! Exercise is meant to bring you energy and happiness – not down and blue. It’s often easier to get your bum to a class with a friend or when you know you have to attend in order to not miss something you’ve actively signed up to and paid for. Perhaps you want to check out Another Space in Covent Garden – they do great cycle, Hiit and yoga ‘on demand’ in luxurious surroundings filled with friendly staff. Also their changing rooms are fit for a queen with proper big cosy towels to get lost in and delicious skin treats waiting for you in the shower!


Fabulous winter fit fashion!
In all battles, suitable armor is a must! Summer has many benefits, but when it comes to fit fashion, winter wins hands down! During the summer months, it’s easy to get away with a random white T-shirt and anonymous shorts, as you already have that natural glow in the form of a tan making you look great. In wintertime we must work a little bit more to look fab in a workout session; pale skin usually loves a bit of color, but what’s more is the styles of the colder season! Shorts are put away and leggings in all varieties are in (…of course there’s also the benefit of not having to shave your legs as much) We love the fact that a sports bra now needs company of an outer top, meaning you get to choose different ways to express your style and can combine different back straps and colors for varied looks. There’s also the outer jacket to fulfill your look and cute accessories such as hats, gloves and earmuffs! Get inspo for your fab winter wear of an active life here and get your armor in order.


Get into the Christmas vibe
The last bit of tool you need in your mission to beat your winter blues is to show up to the right place of the battlefield! Winter is a magical time for outdoor activities and as much as we advocate finding indoor activities that float your boat, we have to say that getting outside and making use of the weather is a really great tip. Once you’ve got your outfit ready there’s nothing stopping you from taking on the ice skating rings and Christmas markets. No time of year is more wonderful and festive as long as you steer clear of Christmas stress by doing your shopping online (Oxford Street is to be seriously avoided!) London is a great place filled with endless possibilities such as going to Winter Wonderland in Hyde park, Christmas markets on the Thames, Somerset House ice skating rink – the list goes on! But even outside London all over the UK there’s a lovely vibe going on and a weekend getaway with a loved one to somewhere with beautiful natural landscapes might be just what you need to connect with this season.


Have a wonderful winter and good luck in your battle against the blues!


Words by Mai Copsoe @ScandinavianEarthchild