Hydrate In Style – S’well Bottle

Our favourite healthy office gadgets has to be our wonderful S’well Bottles, as they make such a great alternative to plastic ones which contain harmful toxins like BPA. Treating yourself (and your family) to a S’well Bottle is an investment you won’t regret! These eco friendly bottles are BPA free and are made with non-leaching stainless steel. The vacuum-seeled screw caps will keep your drinks super fresh and thier clever thermal properties means your summer smoothie will stay cold for 24 hours, and your morning matcha tea hot for 12 hours! We stock them in just about every pattern under the sun so we know you will find one to suit you!


Improve Your Posture – Office Fitness Exercise Ball Chair

Get fit while you sit! … By sitting and balancing yourself on a stability ball seat rather than a standard chair, you will benefit from a noticeable improvement in your core strength and posture.

Wherever you spend time sitting, in the office, at your computer, even in front of the television, by simply replacing your chair with the Office Fitness Exercise Ball Chair, you will enhance your balance and strengthen in your lumbar spine and abdominal muscles, meaning you’ll stand straighter, look leaner, and feel happier! At just 21″ wide by 22″ deep, the Office Fitness Exercise Ball Chair doesnt take up more space than a conventional desk chair. It is however, much more than just a chair, and will enable you to enjoy micro-workouts throughout your day!


Non-Toxic Tupperware – The Life Facotry

We all know that taking in our own lunch to work rather than dashing to wholefoods or Pret is certainly a cost-saving and often healthier way to eat lunch. But have you thought about the harmful substances that may be lurking within your tupperware? We love The Life Factory, a Californian company who are committed to creating a safer way to eat and drink. Their BPA/BPS free glass food storage collection delivers functional utility match with chic, colourful style. You can find a selection of their range at Planet Organic or you can order them online.


Standing Desk – Varidesk Soho Standing Desk

They say sitting is the new smoking… a worrying statement for all office workers out there. Studies show most of us sit for over seven hours a day but even balancing that out by going to the gym won’t necessarily reverse all of the negative effects. This standing desk from Varidesk is the perfect way to get off your bottom and stretch your legs, while at the same time, benefiting your health, boosting your energy levels as well as your creativity. Who says you can’t stay fit whilst answering emails?!


Soothe Your Eyes – Laptop eye-screen protector

Do you get tired, sore eyes, staring at your screen all day long? Try investing in a protective film, which you can place over your screen. This will effectively filter away any nasty UV rays and protect those beautiful eyes as well as reducing tjose mid afternoon headaches. What’s great about these protectors is that during prolonged work hours at your computer, it will counteract fatigue which will ultimately keep you focused and productive. The screen’s upper surface is matte and anti-reflective, which will aid your eyes when you are working under strong lighting. The screen film will also mean that scratches and any forms of damage to your screen will be a thing of the past!

words by Flora Crighton