Plunging ourselves into the world of wellness for 2024, we’re putting the spotlight on the health and fitness launches set to boost vitality and kickstart your year. Bigger and better than ever, our most-loved brands are rolling out new products and plans to set you up for success, plus we uncover the emerging wellness initiatives that you need to know about. Spanning running to retreats, studios to supplements, mindfulness to meal plans, here’s what’s new this January.

The Ultimate January Reset

83% of women wished they had a better diet, with 57% claiming ‘time’ was the main barrier. On a mission to provide a solution to this, the Detox Kitchen has launched the Ultimate Reset to kickstart 2024 and put you in good stead for the rest of the year. Demystifying the negative speculation around the phrase ‘detox’, Detox Kitchen are redefining the word to set it apart from quick fixes and fad-driven diets, and back to what it really defines; aligning with the natural process of detoxification, by focusing not on elimination but on nourishment, through foods that support the body, rather than work against it. The 20-day reset plan includes three healthy, nutritionally balanced meals per day along with 2 snacks, an organic, cold-pressed juice and a health shot, plus a complimentary gift bag worth £400 to spark your holistic health experience. Aimed to restore balance and steer clear of fluctuating eating patterns, the Detox Kitchen will set you on the right path for a healthy 2024.

The Premium Piece Of Equipment

Heartcore’s signature Coreformer has had a make-over! The original Coreformer has been hailed as the crème de la crème of Reformers, designed by founder Jessie Blum to meet the standard and functionality principles she was searching for but never found when experimenting with existing Reformers. Meeting their match, the synergy of the Coreformer and the Heartcore method is the secret formula to that signature burn the sessions are renowned for! Unveiling a premium upgrade, the Coreformer has been elevated one step further with the next generation of engineering, quality, durability and sustainability. Handcrafted from the highest quality materials, I’m surprised to find myself gushing over a Reformer bed, but as a self-proclaimed wellness junkie, this is something to get excited about! The plush cream and deep brown colourways contrast against the dark oak to give a premium finish. Ergonomically designed, the Coreformer is far from clunky, gliding with ease to create smooth movement during sessions. If Reformer is your thing and you’re looking to invest (& have the space!) the Coreformer is available to purchase for the first time ever. Whether you test out at Heartcore’s studios or take the plunge to buy, discover how this opulent piece of equipment raises your Pilates game. 

The Reformer Studio In Richmond

Richmond residents will be pleased to know that Anthro-Contrology, the boutique reformer Pilates studio has opened its doors in the heart of the town centre. Founder, Amanda Caldwell, is expanding her practice from her home-based studio to a beautifully decked-out light-filled studio situated on Sheen Road. Sessions remain intimate, with up to six people in each class, ranging from beginner to advanced; as well as pre and postnatal classes. Dedicated to recalibrating and realigning both the mind and body, whilst improving flexibility, strength and balance, Richmond has been desperate for a studio like Anthro-Contrology! There’s a real sense of community at this new studio, with attention to detail shown in every element from the pretty interiors to the form correction. Perched next door to Gail’s, treat yourself to a self-care morning of Reformer Pilates followed by a coffee and a croissant.

The Low-Waste Plant-Based Tasting Menu

Fitzrovia’s Sicilian-inspired restaurant Norma, is thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration to kick off the new year. Partnering with the acclaimed chef and cookbook author, Max La Manna, this exclusive culinary experience promises a feast for both the senses and the planet. Max La Manna, celebrated for his innovative, low-waste, plant-focused recipes that have taken social media by storm, brings his expertise to curate a thoughtfully crafted, plant-based menu. Celebrating low-waste dining, the tasting menu praises Italian flavours, using seasonal produce both from Italy and the UK. Inventive and impressive, the five-course menu features Julienne Bruno Burrella with ‘nduja’ and carrot top gremolata, roasted carrot raviolo with beetroot cream and courgette involtini with almond ricotta. Not to be missed, the collaborative menu is available until the 31st of January.

The Chicest Retreats

Soho House is turning its hand to the art of retreating with the newly announced Soho Retreats. Imbued with the signature style of Soho House, each retreat marries wellbeing and sophistication, in collaboration with some of the biggest names in lifestyle and wellness. Relax and rejuvenate amidst the serene Oxfordshire countryside at Farmhouse, delve into the realm of holistic health in Mumbai, or opt for a weekend brimming with wellness innovations in LA. Recruiting the help of world-renowned specialists, each retreat encompasses an itinerary unique to the location, from cold-water therapy and sound baths to holistic workshops run by experts.

The Hardworking Supplement Duo

If there’s one supplement to add to your routine, it’s a probiotic. We’re still in the midst of the lurgy season so we need all the immunity-boosting help we can get! Heights new Symbiosis Smart Bundle contains the Vitals⁺ for fundamental nutrition and Biotic⁺ for impactful live bacteria, to cover all health bases. Developed with a smarter approach, this complete routine contains over 20 key vitamins and minerals and 7 strains of highly researched bacteria to support a plethora of health benefits for both mind and body. From healthy immune function, cardiovascular health, microbial diversity and bone health to cognitive health, energy, sleep and mood, this bulletproof duo has you covered!

The Women-Only Studio To Build Confidence Lifting 

Pioneered by PT and psychotherapist, Nikkita Hope-Brown, FOUND is the new women-only studio in Battersea. The mission behind this beautifully curated studio is powerful, focusing on transforming the relationship you have with the woman you see in the mirror. Nikkita brings her expertise in helping women with struggles ranging from poor body image and low self-esteem to disordered eating to the forefront at FOUND, designed to make you feel calm, supported and cared for. The timetable consists of strength sessions, focusing on upper, lower or full body and core, intermixed with mobility and holistic practices. Leaving competition and comparison at the door, FOUND invites you into a supportive environment to build confidence with a like-minded community of lovely ladies. The serene space evokes a sense of calmness that is needed amidst the chaos of the current fitness landscape, providing a juxtaposition to loud, adrenaline-fuelled studios and gyms. Creating a safe space to empower women, the weight-lifting classes adopt a slower tempo to solidify form and technique over anything else.

The Commuters Running Backpack

Calling to all commuters who enjoy running their way to the workplace! Stolt Running are the new brand on the scene that has won awards for their commuter backpacks that get you from A to B with no issues. The superior ergonomics of the design are faultless, designed to enable you to run or cycle seamlessly with everything you need in tow. The minimalistic Scandinavian style makes backpacks as stylish as they are functional, with smart features to enable you to carry all your daily essentials whilst accumulating those all-important miles. Whether you’re training for a big race and need every opportunity to get the endurance runs in or you simply love beating the traffic, Stolt Running backpacks are the convenient key to getting the most out of your commute.

The Reformer-Centric Studio In East LDN

Studio Anatomy, the boutique reformer Pilates studio in London Fields will give you a dose of vitality this New Year with their take on mindful movement. Combining Pilates fundamentals with functional fitness, founder Lotti Benardout has crafted a tranquil space with a close-knit community. Centred around the Reformer machine, the small group classes focus on lengthening and toning muscles while prioritising spine and joint support. The selection of classes caters for beginners to advanced, and the addition of a jump-board in the ‘Power’ classes. 

The New Mega Wellness Clinic

Stemming from the triumph of its flagship clinic in Spain, SHA Wellness Clinic has unveiled its upcoming venture in Mexico. Opening this January, the new state-of-the-art destination is situated in the scenic state of Quintana Roo on the eastern fringes of the Yucatán Peninsula. SHA bring an integrative method to medical innovation, blending natural therapies and healthy nutrition to promote longevity through a range of health programmes. Inviting you to embark on a transformative journey against the backdrop of paradise, SHA Mexico offers a premium wellness experience that promises to rejuvenate your health and reinstate balance in your life.

The Sugar Reset For PCOS

Attention all PCOS warriors! This is the challenge to reset your blood sugar level! Hosted by digital women’s health platform, The Female Curve, you’re invited to join ‘The 21 Day PCOS Sugar Reset Challenge’ starting on the 8th of January. Ever wondered about the link between insulin resistance and those pesky PCOS flare-ups? Well, it’s time to take charge of your sweet tooth and discover the key to stabilizing your blood sugar levels. This, in turn, can work wonders in restoring balance to the hormonal symptoms associated with polycystic ovary syndrome. Spread across live webinars with leading industry professionals, workouts, a nutritional plan, access to community groups and giveaways, the 21-day challenge allows you to hit the reset button, as well as feed you nuggets of information that will give you a better understanding of how to manage the intricacies PCOS symptoms. 

The Training Plan App For Runner’s

Take the guessing out of running training with Coopah. Built around your schedule, goals and capability, Coopah is the app to advance your running with personalised training plans. From elite runners to first-time 5km runners, Coopah can help all in different ways, with the end goal of boosting your running ability. The training plans help to build the mileage to specific events or goals, using a mix of running modalities sandwiched with tailored strength, conditioning and yoga programmes to prevent injury. Instilling consistent training, Coopah syncs up with your device to give real-time coaching on pace and distance throughout your runs!

The Program To Sync With Your Cycle
Connected by their passion for female health, Sync Organics and WithSara have joined to launch a digital wellness program, In Sync, that takes a 360 outlook on health with the female cycle in mind. Women experience fluctuating estrogen, progesterone, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH) and testosterone throughout the month and this program fundamentally helps you to understand and tackle each stage to optimise your lifestyle. Designed to empower women to equip them with information and tools to optimise wellness routines in alignment with their cyclical needs, the program encompasses movement classes, nutrition tips, recipes and nervous system regulatory routines such as meditation practices to apply in synergy with hormonal shifts experienced in each cycle phase.

The Device For Chronic Pain

We’re witnessing the rise of health tech in a bid to help us perform better. Kineon is putting the emphasis on addressing chronic pain and injuries with its pioneering LED and laser technology to tackle ailments from the comfort of your home. The innovative light therapy device provides clinical-level treatments accessibly, so you can pay your body the attention it needs whilst working from home or relaxing on the sofa. The MOVE+ Pro hero device effectively relieves joint pain, reduces inflammation and stimulates the healing of damaged tissues when used consistently over time. The flexible strap can you altered to multiple joints, whether you’re dealing with a dodgy knee, ankle, shoulder, hip, back, elbow or any other body part.