As a long-time runner, and just to clarify, I am in no way a “good” runner, just a persistent and enduring one, I have learned that the key to clocking up the miles is good footcare. And when it comes to winter there is nothing more that I love than wrapping up warm, heading out the door and clocking the miles – come rain or shine. Whereas in the past I have never let the weather stop me from heading out for a run, my feet certainly have – blisters, cracked heels, dry skin – you name it – my feet have been through it and I have certainly learned the hard way that an essential component of training is looking after our feet properly. In the words of Janet Jackson, when it comes to our feet “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” meaning that when that blister or cracked heel strikes you’ll find it very difficult to lace up and get out the door. And as all runners understand, not being able to run when you love it so much is one of the most frustrating feelings. Not to mention, when summer comes around you also want your weary feet to be able to hold up in a cute pair of sliders or sandals too. That’s why I was delighted to discover not only a high-quality but widely trusted brand – CCS.

Why I Choose CCS Footcare

Developed and manufactured in Sweden, CCS pharmaceutical heritage means that you can be assured of quality products that really work, but aside from that, I just really rate their products. Whether I am out running or hiking, or just walking with friends, CCS has been crucial this winter to helping me stay active on my feet! We all know that the cold weather exacerbates dry and cracked feet – not to mention the additional rubbing of welly boots, trainers and hiking shoes, but I have had absolutely no problems at all since I started consciously thinking about looking after my feet with these products. Afterall – prevention is certainly better than cure.

Our Edit of The New Range of CCS Footcare Products

Having just launched a brand-new range, we bring you our pick of their must-have feet products. 

CCS Foot Pro All In One, 100ml: The only product you need for demanding feet and that can replace other foot care routines such as foot files, soaking baths and special socks. I would go so far as to say that their CCS Foot Pro All In One is total genius – the expert formula has been created to sort out very dry and cracked feet, calluses and foot odour all at once. Streamlining five functions in one, the wonder formula; intensely rehydrating hard skin; removing dead skin cells; intensely moisturizing (lasting 72 hours), improving the skin’s protective barrier and counteracting any smells with its eucalyptus, which is also naturally antibacterial.

CCS Anti-Friction Spray, 100ml: This works to prevent any irritation or friction caused by chafing by creating a soft, protective film over the foot to improve comfort and reduce the impact of rubbing from shoes or socks. I use it before going out for a run.

CCS Heel Repair Stick, 25ml: Cracked heels are the absolute worst. They cause so much painand can absolutely ruin not just a run but an entire day. I actually suffer from cracked heels even more in the summer when I am walking around barefoot but I have found this Heel Repair Stick to be brilliant (as has my husband too!).Mess-free and convenient to keep very dry skin and cracked heels at bay on the go!

What The Podiatrists Say:

“Whether you’re looking for a solution for dry skin, calluses, cracked heels, odour, or simply want to keep your feet in great shape, the NEW CCS Foot Care range has the right product for you. Easy to use, travel-friendly, and suitable for everyday use. So go ahead, give your feet the care they deserve.” Podiatrist Dina Gohil BSc (Hons) MRCPod, HCPC Reg of Mayfair Clinic, DG Podiatrist and Brand Ambassador for CCS Foot Care

Visit www.ccsfootcare.co.uk for more information. Shop the new CCS product range here on the CCS Amazon Store