When the opportunity arose for Hip & Healthy contributor, Lucy Miller to have a session with Hollywood’s top spiritual healer, Shaman Durek (and BFF to Gwyneth Paltrow), she knew it would be an experience like no other. Read on for an insight into her session.

“Grandmother, iron out her sciatica,” says Shaman Durek, as he asks the spirit world to eek out a trapped nerve in my lower back that he diagnosed as I first lay on the massage bed. Unconsciously my body shifts from side to side – it’s like it’s got a mind of its own – it has it seems. The shifting continues – as if my body knows exactly what it needs to do and as Durek “turns it up by 1000” my body shifts even faster. My eyes are open, I’m present in the room – but my body doesn’t feel like mine – but not in a bad way. I completely surrendered when I walked into the treatment room and was greeted Durek with a long hug. I fully trusted him to bring my body into alignment and to heal some raw wounds that had been hanging around for a little too long and had been looking forward to this day since booking the session. 

In just 10 minutes Durek has encouraged me to “let go of my Mothers energy,” (yup, he knew that me and mum had crossed words that very morning) coughed out all “the tension in my throat chakra” (when I’m anxious I find it hard to swallow and get my words out!) and “released the trapped nerve in my right side of my body”. This certainly isn’t your average spa treatment – but after reading his latest book “Spirit Hacking: Shamanic Keys To Reclaim Your Personal Power, Transform Yourself, And Light Up the World” and listening to every “Ancient Wisdom Today” podcast I wasn’t expecting one.

My hour session flies as Shaman Durek works with the spirit world to clear my energy. My legs vibrate, I yawn, I cry and I laugh as he channels messages and clears out all of the blocks out that have had me stuck, especially in the last year since my 19 year relationship broke down. He opens up different neuro-pathways and he changes the codes that are holding onto the “betrayal” from my past relationship, which in turn clears out stagnation and should enable me to make different choices going forward. I am no longer my past and I’m finally at peace and ready to shine bright and build beautiful new relationships with myself, with food, with animals and generally everything around me.

So who is Durek? As a sixth-generation shaman who has the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and LeAnn Rimes on his books, Durek has travelled the world using his tools and knowledge to help create a bridge between the physical and spiritual world for burned-out celebs, royals and CEOs. Shaman Durek discovered his powers at the age of five – his training took a long, long time, (including death and coming back to life) and as we sit down after my session where he explains what he worked on and shifted, he double confirms that he really is a truly fascinating person – and a normal person at that. No white robes, chanting or shaking maracas, he sips tea with me and we chat like old friends, as he’s blatantly honest and open with me about all that he cleared in my mind and body. He says I’m workaholic, I get angry too quickly, my body has been holding on to too much inflammation and that my serotonin levels have been far too low, which stopped joy coming into my life. He cleared all this – and brought more joyfulness into my code, which therefore explains the laughing hysterically! I’m truly blown away! 
So, the question is, did Durek’s Grandmother rid me of my spiritual demons, my body’s blockages and toxic energy? I certainly coughed and yawned a lot out – which Durek says was all the blocked energy, inflammation, emotion and toxins trapped into my body – and wait for it says comes out as black smoke, which he saw coming out on my mouth (eek!) – so yes I very much think so.

For the last few weeks, I’ve definitely felt more relaxed and powerful and totally in control of my life. In fact, I have a whole new mantra which is “I’m a Giant shining bright” and since opening up spiritual side, I certainly feel sure that I can conquer the world and shift anything – watch this space!

words by Lucy Miller

Spirit Hacking by Shaman Durek is out now

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