We’ve got an exciting new Guest Editor for you this week! We sat down with culinary writer and author of Nina St Tropez (a deliciously wholesome cook book inspired by the culinary delights of St Tropez) and discussed her latest book, Nina Capri, and how she likes to stay fit and healthy!

What inspired you to choose Capri to focus your new book on?

My first book was all about St Tropez and trying to show the more laid-back side of the town, the more classic rustic aspects along with lots of the local’s hangouts. I have trained in Italian kitchens and so Italian food seemed the obvious choice for me to explore next. I wanted to create something similar with the Capri book like I did for the St Tropez. I feel that Capri has many similarities to St Tropez. It has that same glamour, intrigue and beauty and so I felt there was no other contender for an Italian location. It definitely has its own special feel and atmosphere and I think this is down to the dramatic rocky coastline.


In your opinion, what is the single, most important element of a healthy lifestyle?

One of the most important things is definitely diet. I think there are so many health fads flying around and really to eat clean is to buy fresh fruit, vegetables and fish and to home cook. Simple is always best and to use good quality ingredients. This way you have the taste, you gain all the health benefits from the food and my personal favourite, you enjoy it. Food needs to be delicious, life is too short!


Where did you find your love for cooking?

I have always been interested since I was little but it is something that I truly became obsessed with once I left university and started working in Italian restaurant, L’Anima. With cooking, I love the way I am continually learning new techniques and cuisines. Nothing makes me happier than discovering a new amazing place to eat!


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Ignore anyone who tells you no. You need to hundreds of no’s before you get a yes!


Do you have any plans for a future book, and if so, have you chosen a particular region?

I would love to do a California book. Maybe in the pipeline… fingers crossed! There are so many incredible foods to cover over there and of course you would find some stunning location photography.


To compliment your delicious and healthy food, what type of exercise to you like to do?

I am seriously into running as I used to do long distance at school but most of all I love tennis.


Do you ever struggle to balance your work life with your personal life? 

Not usually but with the book coming out it has been quite difficult with lots of events. I’m hoping for a more quite time nearer August to relax a bit.


How do you unwind in the evening?

At the moment I am so exhausted that only Peaky Blinders or Game of Thrones will do!


Whats your morning routine? 

I wake up and have a large glass of water to refresh. Novak Djokovic recommends this in his book so I do whatever he says! Then I shower, brush teeth, go to my sister’s where I do all my cooking as my kitchen is pea-size and make a smoothie in her Vita Mix. They are the smoothie household and they are pretty pro. Frozen fruit, almond milk, bananas, cashews, avocados and oats. Delicious start!

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